Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Her two month appointment put her at 12.5 lbs...yes, 85th percentile. And, no doubt, her height came in at a mere 37th percentile. I think she is perfectly beautiful and healthy as can be!
Today was warm enough and a pleasant afternoon so we took a walk. It was Owen's urging that got us all outside. He wanted all of us to go together. I think this will be his role for life...thank God for a little boy who asks for what he wants and negotiates for the most he can ask for.

Gabby was even bundled up so well...she fell right to sleep. :-) No surprise there...

In the photo below Owen was lining up his trucks so I had to take a picture. I said, "say 'hi' Owen," and he said, "hi, Owen!" Too funny...not even prompted. Kind of like the other day when, out of nowhere, he told me he was "ready for kindergarten." No kidding!

Owen's sticker on his shirt is his name-tag from toddler storytime at the local library. He paid attention alright, but was more interested in the other kids and the toys so I don't think he's really ready for kindergarten...soon enough though!

Best Friend Jenn and her hubby Mark came over the other night to be initiated into what it is like having kids. No, they are not quite ready, but they are thinking about it! :-) yippeee! So, Mark showed his stuff and Jenn beamed with delight. We'll let them babysit a few times and then they can make some decisions...right Jenn???

Our friends Julie and Mike are due in May and this was not a posed picture...Owen was merely sitting there with Julie (whom he loves) and it was not hard to notice the matching bellies. :-)

What a poser! You should see the other shots! He made whatever face we told him to make...modeling? We're all for it! Any takers out there?


The Canadian said...

You family is adorable! Fun for me to be able to be a part of it even though I am so far away!

Anonymous said...

Gabby is just fine, I love all that thickness. Loretta

Seeker said...