Tuesday, October 31, 2006

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Owen wore his little onsie costume from Gramma mama to answer the door for trick or treaters. He reached for the candy, but I think it was the wrappers that were so exciting to him...they crinkled! Auntie Emmy finds it funny that "everyone" seems to think Owen should've been a punkin' for Halloween...is "everyone" trying to tell me something???? Perhaps it's a revelation that the newest nicknames include "Porky" and "Butterball". :-) We think he is perfect!
Last Friday Grauntie Karen, Karina and the boys came to visit. They had fun watching Owen wiggle and Riley and Luke had fun running around our little home. It was good to see them...it's too bad it's been so long and too bad that it will be awhile til next time. Good luck to Karina and her two little ones on the way!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Whew! Another week goes by! Mama is smilin' so big in this picture because the night before, October 25 at 7:54, Owen rolled all the way over his chubby little arm-all by himself! He happened to be butt-naked and bein' a little squirmy wormy. I was talking Jenn on the phone and Owen, very slowly and deliberately, leaned on his arm and rolled onto his little belly. Okay, onto his big belly! :-) He got his arms up and under himself and wiggled like that for a while. He's been all smiles since then even though I have not seen him do it on his own again. Soon enough!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Gramma Mama and Grampa Phil came to "play" this weekend and we had tons-o-fun! We patty-caked, laughed, sang, giggled, "discussed" life, and all that other fun stuff. Grampa Phil is already talking about how Owen is going to help him with projects around the house. He even said Owen can have his own set of tools! It's always sad to see them leave, but we have already talked about when we will see them again. Plans...got to have 'em! As usual, Auntie Emmy sang her little heart out to console Owen and we caught them both in an wide-eyed grin...

Saturday, October 21, 2006

"Even Saturday's are early morings for us at the Reger house! We do sleep great when we get adjusted by Auntie Emmy and wear our fuzzy dinosaur PJ's! We are still getting over our cold, but I think it's on the upswing! Gramma Mama and Grampa Phil are here this weekend and we are so excited to get lots of hugs and kisses. Mom put me on the dining room table this morning for these great pix. Hangin' out...content...Grauntie Paula! We're working out on my tummy! And...other exciting news? hands are so fun to play with! I can hold them together, wiggle my fingers, and then...stick them in my mouth!"

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Who wouldn't smile at this face? Granny Nanny was excited to see Owen wearing his turtleneck tonight. His sweatpants are a bit tight around the waist, but every ounce of Owen is so cuddly. He snuggles his nose against my shoulder and burries his face in my neck. So squeezable! Tonight we were reading a big board book that Gruncle Mark gave us, and Owen was reaching for the pages. He didn't know what to do with it once he grabbed on, but it's a start! :-) We are so excited to see Gramma Mama and Grampa Phil this weekend! And, we cannot forget Taz! Yippeee!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Owen loves rolling around...give him his lamby toy and he will hug and kiss and squish it...til it barfs! heehee You can't get bigger smiles from us than when we are gazing on this precious boy who lights up our lives. Some of you have mentioned my last blog entry and were wondering if I am doing okay. I will be. We are just hitting some of those bumps on the road of life-unexpected and unwanted bumps can throw anyone for a loop! God's grace is sufficient and He will provide! :-)
Auntie Emmy came over last night and played and sang...yes, I said sang...with Owen. She used to make up songs when we were little...she did great! We gave Owen a bath, rubbed a little Vick's Baby Rub, and cut his hair. Yes, we attempted to cut the mullet off...it doesn't look too much better...he's got such a chubby neck...anyway...
Owen's been a bit congested lately so Granny nanny brought over a humidifier and the Vick's baby rub. We followed her advice and put a pillow under his mattress and we were all blessed with a whole night's sleep...he got 8 hours (in a row!) and I got 7 hours (in a row!). Perfect for a long day ahead!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Four months old and all bundled up! It has gotten cold, but Owen's smile and little wiggly body warms me up...inside and out! I've been a bit sad lately and all it takes is holding him, looking at him, missing him...and I forget the hurt. We went to the doctor today and weighed in at 16.2 pounds! 74th percentil...doing well, I'd say. He is my joy...my precious gift--he is so in love with me, I can see it in his eyes.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

This morning I caught Owen sleeping. He is such a good morning baby...he rarely cries in the morning and sometimes I find him like this. I had to put a 6-9 month sleeper on him because he is growing so fast...and peeing through his diaper and dirtying his 3-6 month sleepers. :-)
Precious moments...
Gr-Auntie Paula stopped by to see Owen and our house yesterday afternoon. She got the tour and also played with little "O". She thought tummy time was very entertaining! She must have a great life to be able to just drive up to see her mom for a day. We won't complain! It is always great to see her! As usual, she seems happy and healthy inside and out!
Tribute to Gramma Mimi...and a note about TAZ!
Tonight was a long night...for us all. Great Gramma Mimi came over at 4 and babysat little Owen while "mom" and "dad" both were at school. She doesn't have to do it, but she never complains. If Owen fusses, she just says, "babies cry...that's what they do." But it is the smiles that Owen gives her that brings her back every time! I gave her a big hug, but that doesn't feel like it is enough. I hope she knows we appreciate her.
We heard from gramma and grampa about Taz today. Taz has apparently won the battle against his bed: he dug a hole while making his "nest" and decided to pull out the stuffing. Grampa Phil was too quick though! They shoved the stuffing back in and safety pinned it closed! Nice try Tazzy! We miss him, but know he is having a ball! Grampa says he is being a good boy...as a matter of fact...when grampa said, "drop it!" Taz dropped the chunk of manure he had in his mouth! What a good boy!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Or...how about this face???
The latest facial expression to be captured on film...what do you think???
Playing, playing...rocking, rocking...rolling, rolling...almost there!
Owen can get over all the way on his side and prop himself up there, but...his arm under him keeps him from rolling onto his belly...almost and any day now! He has so much fun entertaining himself these days.
We hang out and sing and play together, but sometimes, he just wants to be on his own: exploring his mouth with his fingers, rolling around and looking at all the fun stuff to see in the world, and screaming or giggling at nothing at all! The only thing that makes these times more fun for him...being diaper-free!
I won't post that picture!
This picture was taken very soon after or before Owen threw up his breakfast all over Auntie Lori. She thought is was so much fun playing Superman with him and he was having a blast...and then...We all laughed! The overalls and "Daddy's Team" outfit were thoughtful gifts from Auntie Julie and Uncle Todd...We had to wear them and show off how cute they were on Owen!
Great Gramma rocked and sang to Owen while "Mom" had some good eats with the company last Saturday night at gramma and grampa's house. When he woke up, he was all smiles and gave Grampa Phil the greatest show of giggles and talking and hangin' out with Great Gramma Mimi. He sure brings so much joy with those giggles!
Sleepy time got cold in that big 'ol house so Owen wore his "night cap." heehee! He slept very well that night--didn't wake up until 6:30! Eight hours is the longest he has slept...too bad I don't go to bed immediately when he is down. I try, really I do!
This last week has been exhausting and we have two very exhausting weeks ahead!
It all started with a great family reunion in Wisconsin with all the sisters last weekend! MB, Gramma Mimi, three dogs, a baby and I headed there Friday and came back Sunday night. We had a good time, but we missed Roger who was left at home so he could attend the funeral of a good friend. Amazing that we have good times and sad times at the same time in our lives. Blessings with tragedies... Taz made the trip with us, but I was sad and relieved to have him stay with gramma and grampa for awhile in Wisconsin. This past week has been quite different without him and I miss him terribly. But, I know for a fact that he is loved and well-taken care of. He has the yard to run and play in and has two people who will be there for him. Once again, sad times and good times happening at the same time!

I AM SORRY FOR NOT UPDATING SOONER! We are more rested since the both of us fell back asleep this morning and slept 'til 8. I'll take that! Any sleep is good when you get to wake up on your own and not to an "alarm" (of any sort!).