Friday, April 20, 2012

My new little rider!

So she picked it up two years sooner than her brother,
but hey,
she had her brother and cousin Elodie to show her a thing or two!
She is cruising!

It doesn't hurt that she has a lower center of gravity than her brother!
It should be a fun summer!

Clean Up

 This happened a few weeks ago...if not over a month ago...
my mind is playing tricks on me again.
I can't be outside without seeing/picking weeds and wanting to rake up the latest mess.
This "grapevine" has been somewhat of an eyesore to me because
it keeps taking over!  Don't get me wrong,
I love the greenery and the privacy...
but, it looks like this for over half the year 
and had begun to spread into the yard and up the trees,
springing up all along the fence 
and not producing anything but more vines and bird nests.

 So it became my project...last year.
I didn't get too far because it was a big job,
but when I mentioned it to my neighbor and that I wanted to take it down,
she went inside, got her husband and grandson, and put them to work.
THey cleared it from their side and then came over,
hacked up our side...and then...
they even pulled it all into the compost pile to wait for delivery to compost site.
There still is a bit of brush left but nothing too big for me.
Now I look at it and am waiting for a day that I can feel up to tackling it.
When will that be?
When will I plant something new and add a garden over there?