Thursday, February 19, 2009

One last post about Colorado...Here our little man is between two carseats. He sure kept a close eye on the little girls. Gabby and Elodie have matching "snow" suits, compliments of Gramma Momma! They really did like them, but Gabby was put into hers a few minutes before Elodie...hence the "impatient" look on her face. :-)
After quite a few meltdowns due to little or no nap for three days...Owen was a good little trooper through the Denver airport: strange rental car, buses, trains, moving sidewalks and stairways, and then on to waiting for the plane. He took care of Gabby, went potty, played nice, and had his snack...then when it was time to get on the plane...another meltdown. I was "one of those parents" with a newborn and a two year old screaming. Oh well. We made it on the plane and he was an angel the whole flight...For a whole week ( ore more) after we arrived home from that trip, Owen took three-hour naps just to catch up. He is doing much better and just told me today that he wanted to go back to Colorado...someday, buddy, someday! :-)

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MaryM said...

Love the monkey backpack!