Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sibling fun!

I somehow came to the conclusion that it is incredibly 
important to me that my children are good friends with one another.
I know they are going to fight.
I know they'll get annoyed with one another.
I know they will make each other cry...
I also want them to protect one another,
to embrace one another,
to giggle with one another,
to tell each other secrets...
to try new things with one another,
to build things together,
to go places with each other,
to help one another...
to carry one another,
to dream together,
to make big messes together...
to have adventures,
to create,
to hide,
to imagine...
to walk, bike, or drive...
I used to regret that we did not have neighbors close by for my kids to play with...
but now I realize how much it forced Owen and Gabby to choose one another.
And now, they both choose Liam as well!

From one to the other!

Soon and Very soon we will be making a very big adjustment...
heading on a new adventure...
changing our lives dramatically...
There is no easy answer
I've never felt so much confirmation that God
 is leading us in a direction TOGETHER and 
that God has affirmed every decision along the way so far.  
We are making sacrifices, yet the blessings have been coming fast and furious.
Our God is Good...all the time.

So,from one home...to another:
the biggest difference?
Roger wanted a home with a pool!
Not ours permanently but for a time...
God's timing...

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Preschool is done!

I just found this post that I'd begun last SEPTEMBER!
Wow! People are not lying that when #3 comes along, 
you really are outnumbered!
I do not get things done as efficiently or timely anymore.
sigh...oh well.
(Today I had the glorious opportunity to eat 
without anyone really needing me for about 15 mintues!)

The post I'd found was Gabby's first day of preschool:
Oh how she loved preschool!
She'd ask every night if it was preschool day when she woke.
She is so excited to have school EVERYDAY for Kindergarten!
It worked out so perfectly for Gabby 
to do morning preschool with Logan...

God has really blessed us with my ability and desire to 
work part time for the past three years.
I was able to get my first two kids off to school nearly 
everyday for these years without missing the morning time at all!
I am excited for our journey we are on...
I will continue to be there for my kids each morning.
To get them dressed, fed, and safely off to school...
And be home with this little guy too!
I don't know how long it will last 
or if I will be able to see him off to school or not.
I cried when I packed up and left my classroom.
I cried when I said good-bye to my students.
I know God's called me to teach, but now I don't know in what capacity it will look like.
Maybe a classroom again soon.
Maybe tutoring.
Maybe writing...
We'll see!
"God bless me and expand my territory..."
This world is not my home and my life is to be lived for 
something MUCH greater than my own selfish desires.


One of the most fun parts of watching my kids grow 
is watching them gain the confidence to perform.
Gabby is my song and dance girl...
Owen used to cry when anyone would watch him do anything...
But when he feels safe...
He let's it go!
And then, when he gets to get an award on the stage...
I don't even think Gabby knows what she did to get this ribbon,
but she sure loved going up on stage to get it!
For the spring musical, Gabby found out she would wear a costume!
She was so excited, but I neglected to tell her that, sometimes,
a costume is something other than a princess...
When she found out she would have to wear this...
she cried.
But she got over it because so many people said how darling she looked!
And then...
at the performance...
my natural born performer:
Liam even tried to run up on stage!
He is my ham!
He is my little entertainer.
I think he realized he was funny by 12 months of age!
I know that someday I will be so mad,
trying to yell and discipline him...
and he will find a way to make me laugh.

What else can I do?
Will he ever learn?
I learned my lesson with the two previous performances,
so Liam was not allowed to come watch Brother
sing in his 2nd grade musical at school.
Too cute to see Owen so confident now.
I'd almost say he loves it!
second row, red shirt...blurry!
Maybe, just maybe, someday I will see them performing together!