Sunday, February 08, 2009

Saturday and Sunday started early for Owen...he was still on some other clock and wanted to get up at 4:15a.m. (CO time), but we somehow convinced him to stay in bed until 5:00a.m. and then Roger was on duty to get up and play.

Gabriella slept quite well and slept a bit longer than Owen (minus the two times getting up)...the girls found some matching outfits (the hoodies added later) and were up for a few photogs. Not that they have any say in the matter!

We spent almost the entire day at A-Basin, taking turns skiing, hangin' out with the kids, chasin' birds (oh, wait. that was just owen), gettin' some sun, and havin' fun with each other.

Owen was lucky enough to spend some time with Julie and Todd on skiis on the "big mountain". He had so much fun; he giggled, said, "yippeee," and wanted to do it over and over again.

The chairlift was so much fun...he didn't want to get off. On Sunday, Todd taught him how to get the snow off his skiis by hitting them together. He's learning so much!

Gabby and Elodie were champs during the day...taking turns napping, eating, playing...overall, just being great girls. They will be friends...right? :-)

Roger was trying to make Gabby smile for the picture above...she just stared at him...and stared...the same look. She doesn't seem to be amused by the camera yet. If you're curious, we do see other expressions othr than this, but no on film...yet.

Owen's been chewing gum like crazy...even at 6:30 in the morning. Roger took this Sunday morning...I believe Owen was able to sleep until 5:30 a.m. Roger was on duty again (we made a deal that I would not wake him in the middle of the night if he would get up with Owen in the morning. Good deal??)

Quality time with everybody...

Pink and brown...Gramma Momma bought these fleece footy onsies so they could be "twinnies." We played dress-up, once again and played with the camera some more. They were happy to oblige...for awhile. :-) Thanks Gramma Momma!

Owe was so tired today. He's been a champ for two days without much of a schedule. We got to do some cuddle-time on the couch...Gabby joined us for a picture...
What a blessing to be here with my little family!


MaryM said...

You must be so proud of Owen learning to ski on the big hill! Is there something tied to his skiis to keep them straight? I couldn't tell.
The girls look so cute together... Wish we were there!

South American Sara said...

I'm so happy for you all that you were able to travel and spend time with your sister's family! What a treate!