Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Just a few fun moments from recent days...
Since Gabby has been sittin' pretty for a bit now, we decided it was time to take her first bath, "all by herself" She did alright! it got a bit slippery, though, especially when she tried rolling onto her belly. She loved it! Splashin' and rollin'. What fun!
If anyone is wondering what Granny Nanny looks like with her eyes open, here she is! It is a rare sight to get a picture of Nanny with her eyes open...the hint? Take it outside in good light so the flash doesn't go off and the sun is not in her face! :-)

And...if anyone is wondering the right way and the best way to enjoy a s'more, just watch and learn from the best! After all, Gramma Mimi has had 80-some years of practice!

Owen is taking lessons from the best!

Just sayin' hi!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Beautiful Children...
I believe (or I would think that...) all parents say their children are beautiful. We cannot plan or decide what our children will look like and i honestly never pictured what my children would look like. I look at my two little ones and am in awe of God's creation and the miracle that a child is. I dressed Owen in pink for the first time...a guy can wear pink, hey? :-) I think it is a great color for a boy...and I think Owen is all boy!
Gabby is in pink quite a bit...even her jammies are pink! Her eyes are catching up to Owen's as the bluest ever, but her skin is a bit paler with her lips a bit thinner. Other than that...they are definitely siblings!