Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Owen was concentrating so hard...hit the piggy, pull the cord, spin the ball! :-) He's hangin' out and can entertain himself for quite some time these days; although, what fun it is to watch him discover new things all the time. Taz keeps trying to get one of us to play with him...not much luck. Owen can't grab the sock that Taz dangles over him and I am busy typing...poor Taz.
Look at me Mom! Owen was hangin' out with Dad and couldn't take his eyes off mom. His gaze is following us wherever we go and he responds to our voices as well. He is laughing and coohing and screaming so much...he may just like the sound of his voice! He only gets fussy around 8pm...tired? Yep! He sleeps so well too. Once again, my greatest joy is still how he lights up and smiles and laughs when he sees me peering in over his crib. He makes me feel like the most special person in the world!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Owen wanted to show y'all how he can hold his hands together. He sure is starting to have fun "entertaining" himself more these days. Today he was enthralled with his twin cousins, Emmi & Cali. They were running around and climbing on stuff...I think he was a bit jealous. He tries to "stand" on anyone who holds him, yet he will sit to watch a football or baseball game already. Oh boy! What have I got to look forward to??

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Last night Owen was having fun in his swing. I think he has more fun when he can actually grab the hanging things and not just stare at them. He kind of likes the blinky lights too. Although, his favorite place to hang out is in mom's arms! :-)
Owen "playing" with his bib as mom types away on her times!

Owen is playing tricks on us all...or he may be sicky poops. He pooped a bit on Monday and none when I was home with him on Tuesday. He was at it again on Wednesday but no poops after I picked him up in the afternoon. He slept well last night and was happy this morning. But, I get a call around 11 a.m. and he'd already pooped 3 times. I picked him up by 12:30 and he'd had another. It is now after three and he had just given me a few toots. He's eaten and taken a little nap...nothing out of the ordinary. I called the triage nurse to ask advice...he has no fever and he still has wet diapers. He is acting "normal" so what do I do? Take him in? Watch him for a bit longer? Geez...when you are responsible for another's health and well-being...their life, it becomes quite stressful. We are hanging out...he's even typing this with me while playing with his bib. He's a wiggly little worm, as usual. Maybe I will take another "sick" day...I'll be honest though: "family illness" is what they call it. I'm not too worried, but when is it the wrong choice to just wait? Pray...that's how I'll know...

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Today Owen and I got to spend the day together: my first "sick day" of the year. Yesterday he had 5 poopy diapers at daycare and they were worried that he had a bug...last night he pooped once more and then today...nothin'. So, I guess he's better! We went to see Auntie Emmy for an adjustment--we were both in dire need!
Then we came home, hung out, ate some lunch, took a nap, watched Oprah...then granny nanny came over with some eggs and we played. The eggs had nothing to do with playing though. :-)
I took this picture so we could all get a kick out of Owen's ring around his head. He is rubbing it bald--oh well. I told him today that he is still as cute as can be and adorable without hair! He felt better when I said that!
We miss gramma mamma and grampa phil tons--good thing we will see the whole family next weekend! And it's Lori's 30th birthday this weekend! We miss her and Julie, but they will be in Wisconsin too, so we are excited! Yipeee

Owen has his times: smiling and laughing and having tons of fun!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Auntie Emmy came over for some "Owen therepy"--she hugged and squeezed him and held him so her worries would fade. Okay, then we went to get a treat at McDonald's,but it always helps to see his smiling face. Taz has become a bit jealous and is feeling deprived of attention. He jumps in whenever he gets the chance. Taz may have become too much for us to handle. We'll see how things work out...

Owen is looking like such a big boy these days...except for when that big 'ol lip sticks out! He is so precious no matter what though. We have such a good time together and my favorite thing is when he's calling for me in the morning--mind you, there are no words, but I can tell he's saying, "hey! I'm awake...anyone want to come get me?" I also love how he grabs hold of my shirt when I hold him. He sure is a cuddler-he nuzzles his face against your neck and falls asleep on anyone's shoulder. He loves his thumb and grows frustrated when he can't "find" it. His expressions are so great--smiles, pouts, sleepy eyes, and scrunched brow. I know I will always cherish this time that he is a baby and when everything is so new to him.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Owen has been practicing for his three month birthday. He is getting stronger everyday and I am anxious to see him roll over for the first time. He is more animated and laughing outloud so much these days. He blessed me with seven straight hours of sleep last night, and the joys continued when he woke me up with his "talking." He rarely wakes up screaming...he just kind of says, "hey! anyone?". My elation ended when I realized that I was up for good at 4:30 this morning. How could I get mad at a face like this one though? I have had energy and peace all day...God's grace is so mighty! Even though I have not had a Saturday morning or weekday evening to read a book like I used to, I love being a mother. I am blessed in so many ways and my joy grows each day.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

"Hey Gramma! I found my thumb! I thought I forgot it in my crib again, but then I found it and was thoroughly happy! Aren't I 'precious?'"
This last week began tough in that it was my first week of teaching with full days. Owen is making the transition, but this week was harder than the week before. It was me who cried three out of the four days when I left him. I prayed that I was doing the right thing and that daycare was going to work out for him. I feel good about going back to work, but leaving Owen is hard. I was told over and over again that leaving him would be tough...I didn't know until I had to walk away. I wanted to know he was going to grow, be loved and cared for, be taught new things, get to interact with others and socialize...By the end of the week I felt very good about where we have placed our trust. I pray also that the one who cares for my baby is full of love and a good heart. Will it always be like this? Will I always wonder if I am doing the "right thing" for Owen? Yes...but we place our trust in daycares, schools, teachers, friends, and family for the times we can't be with our little ones. We were all children once at one time...weren't we? Roger and I turned out just fine, didn't we? :-)

Friday, September 08, 2006

Roger started a new job so he has been putting in many long training hours. He is learning a lot and says the training is worth it because there is so much to it. Owen and I appreciate "Dad's" hard work but miss him when he is away. Tonight we get to spend some family time together! Together time is hard to savor when there seems to be other things to get done or get off our minds. Sit, breathe,! Owen is so engaged now and loves to be talked to so he can giggle at us. What a precious time to love and savor!

Last weekend we celebrated our last weekend before school officially started for me...okay, so it wasn't really a celebration, but anytime is a party when Gramma Mama gets to see Owen and push him in his stroller! We had fun hanging out, but, of course, there is never enough time to be together!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Bathtime in the sink is becoming a favorite together time! So, this is what he would look like bald! :-) It is so neat to see him grow-I now know, though, why women who have had babies like to hold little babies whenever they get a chance. I sure will miss his little wiggly body when he gets bigger, but I am also realizing that each stage is so new and fun to see. Although, I am aware that he will be 14 one day! We already had a little discussion about what kind of boy he will be at 14...who knows?!?! Hopefully he will always love his momma!

Granny Nanny had come over the evening before and given little "O" his bath before bedtime. She proceeded to give him an "up-do" in the semi-form of a mohawk. The next was still in shape! He smiled a bit for me and I had to snap this picture. Owen has been sleeping a 6-hour stretch at night and then sleeping 3 or 4 more hours if given the chance. "Mom" is sure appreciating it! His daily schedule still remains to be a happy hour after eating and then fussy, and then sleepy time. Shelly has to put him down in a playpen to sleep during the daytime naps, and it looks like Owen will be able to make that adjustment...eventually. We've been practicing and he is liking it better and better each time.