Tuesday, July 24, 2012

And they make me laugh...

I know I am relaxed when I laugh as much as I did today.
Gabby and Owen are such good friends that they make up games, wrestle, sing songs, and just entertain one another like champs!  Today in the car Gabby was singing, as usual, but then they added their joke of "slow motion" to their song.  It was hilarious! 
So, at dinner I asked them to sing it for me again so I could video tape.
Gabby gets a bit distracted and Owen doesn't realize what she's doing...

don't worry...I made Gabby eat all of her beans and Owen too!

And then there were two!
Beds, that is!

I asked Grampa about the bunkbeds that I slept in 25 years ago.
So, he pulled them out of the rafters in the barn, cleaned them up, and brought them up this week!
We got them set up and the kids were so excited!
So fun...

They were so excited, I didn't think they'd sleep...
but, they were all snuggled in by 8:30, just a little later than normal!
I even told them how my mom used to read stories to us when we were little.
We all climbed on the bottom bunk and read together.
Owen asked about my other two sisters (since there are only two kids in this family)...
he asked, "Where did they sit?"
What a thinker!
As far as I remember, whoever wanted to be read to 
lay down on the bottom or crowded around Mom 
as she read Tom Sawyer or The Swiss Family Robinson.  
I hope to make memories like that with my little ones!
This bed is definitely going to be one of those great memories 
for them to talk about for years!

Fun with Water!

 At 6-months old Owen started daycare with his little friend Annie.
She has been in love with him for years!
We had a playdate last week because it is time to say good-bye...
Annie and her family sold their home and are moving to FL August 1st.
Sweet memories!
 And this week...
We started swimming lessons at the outdoor pool!
 Last year I had to swim with Gabby in her lessons and Owen cried about his teacher making him get his face wet.
This year...we are all smiles and full of new-found independence!

 This morning Gabby asked at least 20 times when swimming lessons were and if we could go yet.
When we got there she kept asking where her teacher was and if she could get in yet...
 You see, Owen's class is on the other side of the pool and starts 20 minutes before Gabby's class.
So she has to wait...
What a good little student!!
She doesn't even look over at me for approval after every task...
you see, that is one more difference between my sweet children:
Owen needs constant approval and looks for my constant attention.
Gabby is just happy to do what she's doing and looks over every once in awhile to wave.

 She has announced to me though, that she did not do a bob yet.
Soon and very soon!
 On the note about Owen looking to me for my attention and approval,
Today he told me that he could see me from all the way over on the other side of the pool.
So he still looks to see that I am watching!  :-)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

2011 (LAST Year's) trip book is done!

Between life, motivation, intimidation (a big book!)
and any other excuse I came up with, it took a year to make this book.

Check it out!
But, it's done and published!
Our 2012 trip book has been started!

My goal?
Done by...Sept?  :-)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Darling, just darling...

I was trying to keep busy this morning because it is supposed to be a hot and sluggish day, but I was invited to play light-sabers with Owen.  In the middle of our heated "battle," Gabby walked out with her little stroller and babies.  She had her purse slung over her shoulder and walked right through our game.  
She strolled to a corner and proceeded to whisper and  hold and cuddle one of her babies.
I was the youngest of 4 and was never in daycare.  I don't even remember holding a real baby until I was...10?  I don't remember wanting to either.  I remember playing with dolls and wanting to do the dolls hair, but I don't remember being such a pretend caregiver as this.

She just walked up to me now and said, 
"I'm a big sister!"
She also told me the other day that she was going to read to the baby.
I told her I would too.
She corrected me and said that no, just she and Owen get to read to the baby.

Owen got a t-ball trophy...and he missed three weeks of it this summer!

There are so many things we deliberately teach our children.
There are some things we don't even think to teach our children but they pick it up somehow.
There are things we teach and train...over and over and over again.
Some things don't seem to stick.
Some things stick in one child, but the other can't seem to get it...or doesn't care to "get it."
Owen drew on our wall with a pencil when he was about 18 months old.
I told him we do not write on walls or furniture.
"We write on paper."
He never drew on another surface, other than paper, again.
Gabby, on the other hand, was told the same thing.
Definitely not the same outcome.
 I tell Owen everyday about proper responses and how he needs to handle certain emotions.
(i.e. anger and frustration...problem solving...ugh!)
Gabby, on the other hand, has been solving her "problems" as long as I remember.
She also can be told "no" or to go busy herself while Momma makes dinner and she will.
Let's not even talk about potty training!  :-)

You know another phenomenon???
More "experienced" moms are going to laugh at this...
Kids don't get easier as they get older...they just get different!
Different things are fun (just like having a baby), but other things become difficult.
The irony!
I have mentioned my latest idea about God and the fall of man, right?
Part of the curse was women had to give birth, but God's true sense of humor is that we want to do this.
And then we want to raise these sinful beings!

 Sigh...but then again, we do have access to His grace now.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Summer Fun...June

 June flew right out from under me...literally stolen,
but life...ahhh, life it is.
My little boy turned 6!
Now that he is 6, will he stay 6 forever and ever?
 Nah...he has to keep up with Sister!
And, he likes celebrating his birthday way too much 
to not have another one!
I believe this birthday lasted for literally 2 weeks!
 Party at school, party with friends,
party ON birthday, party with family,
and on and on and on!
 And when the dust settled,
we found other loves and
took in summer!

 Gabby loves babies,
Owen loves water!
 Cookies anyone?
 Finger-lickin' good!
 Friends coming over...

 Popsicle is the best on summer days!
I guess I take it back...nothing was stolen from me.
I am blessed.
Even when life seems ugly, bad, and then gets worse,
there is always hope.
God has truly blessed us with a tomorrow almost every day of our lives.
And then when we think there is no tomorrow
we have eternity with our creator.
I know some people think I am wrong,
but I'd much rather live my life believing 
than live my life without this hope and all that comes with knowing Jesus!

Literally knowing...and not just using him for peace!

Although peace in tough times is a wonderful thing...

It's A...

Baby, yes...
but what kind???
I smile.
I was afraid to hope...but we are so happy!
Now I know what we are doing Thursday:
Garage Sales!

We are 21 weeks and 3 days.
Due Date still November 24th.
Baby is in the 41st percentile (good!) and weighs about a pound.
And, has all it's working parts!
More smiles.