Sunday, December 31, 2006

Owen's newest facination is the vertical blinds. I set him there in front of the patio window and he played for quite awhile. He is all dressed up for church in the outfit that Granny Nanny and Grampa Steve gave him for Christmas. Could we ask for a more precious little boy?
On Friday we hung out with cousins Cali & Emmi at the Hall house. It was fun; Auntie Kate is so sweet and we love spending time with her.The girls took turns swinging with Owen in the caterpillar swing.Everyone happy?:-)

Thursday, December 28, 2006

What a week my little boy and I have had! Christmas feels so far away, and technically we have only had two days together so far, but I have truly loved being home with Owen at this time. We have fun playing, running errands, singing, talking, giggling, and yes...he is getting the hang of napping. I think this week has been quite the growth spurt as well. He's been sleeping quite well and eating lots! He eats a bowl of cereal and a full serving of you-know-what! He is sitting so strong for his bathtime too. Everyone is asleep, so perhaps I should go too. I can say this much...I hope Owen always knows how much I him so.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

If you look closely, Owen seems to be giving his new turtle toy a kiss. Thanks MB and "Big Guy!"
To be honest...I know he loves it because it makes noise and moves and has a cute face on it, but he puts everything in his mouth and has this new thing with "kissing" anything he can grab. So proud of our little boy.
Owen and I have three more days to be together and then the weekend. I love knowing that I get to spend so much time together--Roger would call it "quality time." Hmmmm...time to get some sleep. We are getting quite a bit these days. Owen has realized that he likes sleeping on his tummy--he rolls over as soon as I put him down. We say good night at 8, top him off at 9:30 and then we don't see him until 6 or 7 in the morning! Whew! Miracles do happen!
CONGRATULATIONS Karina and family!
Kate and Madison are beautiful...or as beautiful as newborn babies are! :-) I can't believe how big they are for being only 33 weeks along. I'm happy for you and look forward to meeting them.

Monday, December 25, 2006

We made it home! Whew, what a weekend! Owen had so much fun, but he grew very tired. We had a little fun with our new toys, but he made it to bed at a reasonable time.

Here he is: playing, playing playing. He was grabbing, pulling, turning, pushing, and kissing all his toys. He especially likes the ones that make noise. Thanks everyone!
Our family Christmas photo this year: we could not have asked for more or better celebration. Our thoughts go out to those we could not share it with and those who are far from home this holiday season. Namely Julie and Lori, who are with those they love, and Karina Beth, who is waiting...being stuck in a hospital bed on Christmas morning with no one. She did say the nurses were good to her and brought her great food! :-) I said, "see, there is something good about it
all!" Karina, it
will all be worth it when these little girls come into the world...beautiful like their mom. I still say you have no idea what you are in for: 4 kids under the age of three! I pray best of blessings and tons of luck come your way.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas everyone!

"What cookie, Mom? Gramma didn't give me frosting or a gingerbread cookie...heehee!" The celebrations began Friday with a day of work where we both were served and ate much! Owen and I joined Rog at his work party and enjoyed the company of some fun co-workers and the company owner, Greg, who bragged Roger up about how well he is doing. Believe me, if anyone knows that Roger is a good salesman, it's me! :-)

We left there and sped through wet darkness to Gramma Mama & Grampa Phil's where MB and Grandma Mimi already were. Saturday was a day of relaxing, taking pictures of Owen, and eating good food. None of us made it through the movie that was started around 9:30 pm, but we woke refreshed on Sunday morning. We opted for going for a run in the woods, eating a hearty breakfast ham-bake, and opening gifts rather than head to church. There was an afternoon service that the others went to, but Roger, Owen and I drove back to MN to be with the Reger's for Christmas eve. None but Jack appreciated Owen's new Favre jersey (Go Packers!) that he arrived wearing. I sure got a kick out of the reaction! Sorry Grampa Steve! The rest of the evening was full of more wonderful food, laughter, singing, and, of course, the dice game. Owen has so much fun when there are lots of people...he cried only when we had to leave. He too sang and played very hard.

We are so blessed...can one say that too much? Tomorrow the festivities continue with the Reger "immediate" family in the morning and the Bakke's in the afternoon. Whew! Jesus, we sure know how to celebrate your birthday! I feel that Owen's first Christmas has been focused on the blessings of health, life, love, and family...all that He has given us.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Christmas cards got out...sorry they weren't "personalized," but I truly hope all will find and savor the peace and love this holdiay season which was given to us through Jesus' birth, life, and death. Breathe that in for a sec...

Jenn came over and had a little Christmas cheer with us tonight. She gave Owen his "Baby's First Santa hat" and threw him around a bit. He smiled and giggled until he got too tired and then headed to bed so "mommy" and Jenn could do some catching up. I can't believe it is Friday...finally. We travel to Wisconsin tonight but sadly head back Sunday. However, it will be good to be able to spend Christmas with both sides of the family this year. I am exhausted, but can say that today will be all right. Everyday is a new day to say that.

I will have my meeting for my Masters capstone after the holidays and have already distributed my copies of three chapters to my comittee, but it hit me like a ton of bricks just yesterday what I need to revise about it...this too will get done someday. In three or four months, I will be able to say, "the work for my Masters degree is done." Pluggin' through. Sometimes, life feels that way. I hate pluggin' along. I want to skip and hop through life. My goal in life has been, "never get stressed out," since leaving college. I don't think I have succeeded with that. How do you control things you have no control over though? Why do I worry?
Note to self: Stress...or Santa hats and baby smiles!

Forgive me, Lord, and bless us this day with Your love and peace that is abundant and sufficient.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

You'd think Owen would be a bigger help...maybe next year. As you can see he can sit on his own really well, but when there is wrapping paper or boxes to roll around with, he's all over it! :-) I have had quite a few giggles watching him and playing with him, my little boy. He makes me smile every day! I had to put this picture of him and his pacifier here...he just started taking a pacifier before bedtime. I think he's teething (he should be by now!), so he has quite the oral fixation going on. He grabs me by the hair and pulls my face towards him like he's coming in for a big sloppy kiss. He just wants something to suck on...hence, the pacifier. :-) I can't put words to what he tries to do!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

No one can say that Owen is not loved or that he does not get plenty of attention. We sometimes "fight" over who gets to hug him next. We are very busy these weeks before the holidays, and much has been put off "til later." However, we never have no time to love. I hope this is always the case...I never want to run the never-ending rat-race so many of us get stuck in...I don't want to wait to live...Life is happening right now.
Perfection! :-) Owen found out today that he weighs 17.8 pounds (51st percentile) and is 26 inches BIG (34 percentile)!!! Okay, so he's short and tubby...I think it's perfect! He is huggable, squeezable, kissable, lovable...what more could a mother ask for?? He smiles and rolls, sits and grabs, he is ticklish and giggles, talks and babbles. I swear he's said "mom" and "dada"...not on purpose, of course. :-) He just likes to cry with his mouth closed so it comes out as "momma." We look forward to the holidays and being able to spend some time with many special people in our dear family. We think of those who are far and wish we could shower all with love and generosity.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

It's exhausting turning 6 months! Whew! Owen has realized he is spoiled...he knows exactly how to get what he wants. :-) I have had a preview of the temper tantrums to come: his newest thing is kicking his legs and "jumping" while you are holding him or when he is lying on his back. He sticks his butt out and pumps his legs just like he is jumping. Last night he was happy in "johnny jump up." Go figure. But then this afternoon...he did not want to be there...I figured out he was a bit hungry. He is also sleeping better. Or, I am just not waking up as much. The last two or three nights I have gotten up once for him total...that's two out of three full nights for me! Well, I am saying 7 hours is "full," but of course 8 or 9 would be ideal! :-)

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Beautiful in Blue...and having fun! So, Owen picked out his pants yesterday, and today, he did his own hair! :-) actually, that means he rubbed the top of his head against the bumper in his crib and made his hair all staticky and fluffy/sticky-uppy! He is loving sitting up...until he falls backwards. Oops! He had a great night tonight and bedtime was even fun time. He sucked on a pacifier for the first time...meaning, he fell asleep with it in his mouth. I am hoping that a pacifier can "pacify" him when he wakes up at night. We'll see if that happens. Sweet, sweet baby.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Somebody was sleepy! Had to catch this on film-He gets so cozy warm and bundled up he can't help but sleep.
The newest thing he's done is today Roger had Owen pick out his outfit. Well, Roger dangled two pairs of pants over Owen and the first ones he grabbed, he got to wear! :-) It was funny...guess you had to be there.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

We tried to go for a walk, but it was too cold! Somebody's cheeks sure got red! But at lesat we got to wear the homemade sweater that Auntie Julie brought back from Switzerland. I say he couldn't look any cuter! Thanks Julie!

Owen has been rolling and rolling...he rolled off his blanket, away from his toys and ended under the chair that Roger's coat was hanging on. He lay there playing and playing...I just had to take his picture. He's pretty content, but I can tell he is going to be just like Roger...has to be where the action is! Have I mentioned that already?