Saturday, October 27, 2007

we were trying to call gramma on the video, but she was not on-line. Just last weekend Owen was so busy running around with gramma and grampa! When again???? :-)

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Owen is so "good" at combing his hair! He knows it goes onto the head somehow! He combed it so nice for the rehearsal dinner we were invited to on Friday!
Roger and I ventured to the wedding on Saturday...
And Roger sang so beautifully! He sang "I will be there" by Steven Curtis Chapman. What a great wedding song! No one could have done better!

This little boy is a wiz at using the phone! He's been able to open it and push the buttons for months, but he has just recently started opening it up, putting it to his ear, and saying "hi." Monkey see, Monkey do! Owen is so busy! He's become somewhat of a clutz: Friday he scraped his cheek on the coffee table after tripping on the toys I was trying to pick up; then today he was excited to see the "ball" (really a pumpkin that Roger got for him) and ran towards it only to trip and fall into the stem. He's not really a crier, though, and toughens up unless it really hurts (like the coffee table fall). He's a boy who sure knows how to have fun and get dirty (thanks gramma for letting him run around in the yard, throw rocks, and work up a dirty sweat!) He's nice and clean in this picture because Owen was invited to the rehearsal dinner for the wedding we went to this weekend. He cruised around that place until I was worn out! :-)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I don't think I ever did this! Owen has found the paper bags (folded beside the fridge) and likes to take them out and play. I don't know how this game started, but Owen sure had fun when Daddy put the bag over his head! He proceeded to try to do it on his own...hmmm, so silly; where does he get it?????
It's gotten cold enough for Owen to wear his cutest sweater ever again! See Auntie "Jujie!" It still fits! In the car Owen amuses himself with books and pictures (when I am trying to get him to forget about "cacker"). Every once in awhile I'll here "neighhh" from the back seat. He tends to think all hairy animals with four legs that resemble a horse...happen to be horses. :-)I get a kick out of how he wants to walk himself in places. He knows where to go when you say let's go upstairs, out the door, downstairs, etc...His newest word is "open." I taught him this because he likes to close doors, but he can't get them open. So, he would cry or whine. I told him to say "open" and he did!
Here he is arriving at daycare. He loves Carrie and the kids and the toys so much! He reaches for Carrie and smiles when he sees the kids. It makes me feel as good as a mother can...when she's leaving her baby for the day! :-(
Owen is also totally enthralled with getting big enough to step up into the house rather than crawl. Sometimes he makes it...sometimes...he needs a little help! :-)

I think that there is a picture around of me with my t-shirt pulled up over my head like this. My mom said it made Julie laugh so hard when it happened to me. Funny thing is...this made Owen laugh too! He walked around for a little bit giggling that he had his shirt stuck on his head! We too had a giggle and took a picture!

One of the last warm days of the year...we went for a beautiful walk and ended at the usual. Owen was being silly, as usual, teetering and waddling around. I had to snap these few cute ones of him. He doesn't pose like he used to, but he lets me get a good picture every once in awhile! :-) I am loving all the time I get with my little one. Teaching is going fine and I love my students. They really are not tough this year and the curriculum is holding everyone accountable this year: it's tough to get an A, but I'm spending more time planning and grading! Whew! Good thing I have this to come home to!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

In the car Owen often asks for a "cacker" (cracker) and for "more" (any kind of food he can shove). He's usually really demanding so I am trying to change the behavior...When he starts asking for food,I talk to him instead. We talk about where we're going, we talk about farm animals, and so on. The other day I taught him how the cow goes. Take a look. :-)

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

We figured out a video...we'll see if this works!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Gramma Mimi told us Owen did this when she was babysitting...he's now a pro at getting in and getting out. And...notice the toothbrush? He loves to "brush" his teeth! Well, if you call sucking all the toothpaste off and then chewing on the brush for quite some time. At this rate, we'll go through lots of toothbrushes! :-) That's okay!

We took a walk...we ended at the park...a little game of peek-a-boo in the tunnel...
Where's Owen???
There's daddy!
There's momma!