Monday, January 19, 2009

The Birthday celebrations continue! Rog invited a few of my closest friends to come join us out for an evening in Uptown at Chino Latinos...a great night-spot, good eats, and fun times...

An attempt at most of the gang...minus the ones taking the picture...
John came solo, but he just got engaged last week! Another wedding in our future! Yippee!

No words to describe these two...oh wait, fun! :-)

Jenn...what a sweetheart! She came to celebrate with me after a 12 hour shift in the ER. Thanks hon!

Kate and Jenn...and me smooshed! :-)

Mike and Julie! Thanks for coming out and sacrificing precious sleep...especially when you are trying to rack up on the sleep before the baby comes in May!

Kate and Aaron...such busy lives and also sacrificing sleep for me. Thanks for coming and I hope you had fun!

Teachers...can you tell? So fun...and you got to sleep in on Monday too so I know you are not hurting today!
I plan to keep celebrating so be ready to keep up with me! :-)

MORE HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME...gramma enjoyed a minute with gabby...
owen enjoyed some cake...i blew out some candles! good times at gramma's!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

This morning we went to Gleason's Gym. Owen loves "the pit!" Today he didn't get stuck and I didn't have to help him do too much. I love this picture because he actually looks like a "cheese head". A tribute to my Wisconsin family and fans!

Thank you, Julie Stella, for coming and being an extra set of hands, and thank you Wendy for bearing the cold and coming out with the boys! Owen had a blast!

More Birthday Celebrations...Jenn came over and played for a bit this week. I was so proud to get Owen to wear matching shirt and pants, but then he insisted on putting "superman" over the top. Then jenn showed him how to put purple beads on over his ears...goof balls! Obviously I also let my house go a bit during the day...Owen is quite the tornado!
Does she look like me???? When she's awake we try to have a little's still been three nights in a row of partying 'til midnight. :-)

Tonight we went to G=-ma Mimi's for dinner and cake. She asked to keep Gabriella for awhile. I guess a mother is always a mother...and holding a baby compares to nothing. Thanks Gramma for the dinner and Birthday wishes! We love you!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pretty in Pink!I am sorry...please forgive me. I will try to take more pictures. My camera is not always handy, but this beauty was taken on my cell phone!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Precious little girl...trying to keep her eyes straight...
much of nap time was spent in this little bouncer that Owen passed down to his little sister...
Pretty little girl with her pretty pink blanket...

Then owen decided that he wanted to "take a nap" in the bouncer as well. He made me smile when he hopped up and ran to get his own blankie and bear. :-)
At least Owen sang Happy Birthday to me today...twice!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Birthday week has begun! I shared a party with Papa Steve today....who, here, looks as happy as can be with little Gabby! Happy Birthday Steve!
I finally took the clippers to owen's hair...he is looking more and more like his daddy! I couldn't keep up with his thick mop so I cut it nice and short on the sides and back...couldn't say good-bye to the top! :-)
What do you think?
I think he likes it! :-)

Thursday, January 08, 2009

For my first week home with my kids...I have been trying to keep it interesting and busy...It is quite the transition to be home...very different!
Monday we went to Rog's work and went out to lunch with "daddy." Tuesday we got all bundled up and pulled the sled around the yard (Owen's friends Caleb and Nathan couldn't come over because one of them got a cold...perhaps they'll come play next week!). Yesterday we went to the cousin's house and played...and played...and played.
Today we took a field trip to see baby Logan, Carrie's baby that is one week younger than Gabriella. They were so cute together...Owen was so excited to see baby Logan...
Gabby and Logan...sleeping and sucking, what a life!
Congratulations Carrie and Rob!

It's been two weeks and Owen has not asked when Gabriella was "going back." He seems to be adjusting well and continuing to have lots of fun. Thanks to everyone who pays plenty of attention to him before going ga-ga over Gabby. :-)
Gramma Momma and Auntie Emmy (not pictured) both took Owen swimming when they were here for an extended stay. What fun!

Still lots of love...he wants to hold and kiss her all the time. I had to convince him today that he could not pick her up out of the swing...that could have been disastrous!

When he's done holding her...he's done. We have to be there to "catch" her. :-) don't worry! he never is alone with her or holding her on his own...just don't tell him that! :-)
Roger has been wonderful to spend so much quality time with the little guy. One of their favorite things is to read books "on their bellies." My sister just had to take this picture.