Sunday, November 30, 2008

Owen's comfort...hmmmm...
This morning he was up late...8 in the morning! I think that is a new record. But...when he looked out the window, he got really excited about the dusting of snow we got. He wanted to go outside...I had to tell him," first we have to put pants on."
Details, details!

In the mail on Friday we were surprised to find a package from "Auntie Lori". Owen must be starting to understand presents and packages because he got excited. He actually was really excited to get the note attached...Then he saw the t-shirt. I think she sent it to him because of some rivalry between Roger and her when it comes to sports teams that they root for. She wasn't sure Roger would let him wear a Georgia Bulldogs shirt...Owen doesn't know the difference quite yet. :-)
Here he is showing it off...

Here he is taking it off...

:-)Thanks auntie lori!

We got to see Auntie Emmy this Thanksgiving was so good to see her and smile and laugh and and eat and throw toys under the table and run away from her and play chase...
It was a cold day, but we stayed nice and snuggly warm!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dearest faithful observers...yes, it has been awhile! :-) Thanks to my dear, sweet cousin Nicole for pointing out how long it has been since I "blogged." At least it got her to e-mail me after so much time! It sure is good to hear from you, Nicole, and I will respond to your e-mail. I too feel close to you just knowing you are keeping up on us...I just wish we could talk more! Let's work on that! Love you!
And so it goes...she wanted Halloween they are! :-)
We went to a local farm that has a pumpkin patch, wandering animals, and hayrides. Owen loved petting the animals and seeing a pig and chicken up close. He picked out a pumpkin and we carved it when Gramma Momma and Grampa Phil were up...

How does it look? (the little one was done by gramma momma!) The next weekend we dressed up like a lion and went trick or treating. Owen really got the hang of grabbing for the candy...even though he never really said, "trick or treat" to the people. Good thing we only went to a few houses on one street. :-)
It was a special treat to have Auntie Emmy come stay for the whole weekend! She came Thursday night and stayed until Monday morning...owen is still asking where "Shasha" and Diego are. :-) We love and miss our Auntie Emmy! (yes, we miss our other auntie's too!)

One of the houses that we stopped by was Great Aunt Lori's house...Roger's Aunt Lori (Reger, Lori)...I had to clarify for those who think this could be my sister Lori...we'd have to travel far to stop at her house for "trick or treating" :-)
Aunt Lori was very generous with the candy and even let Owen have a piece while we chatted a bit. Owen said, "I love you" and gave her a hug...I wonder if he is beginning to associate food with love....hmmmmm.

Under Owen's Lion was a punkin' sweatsuit that Auntie Julie had sent to him a year fits! Owen is saying, "oh common mom! peas? again?" :-) Yes, fruits and veggies, yum yum yum!

We'll have to send the punkin' sweatsuit Julie's way next year for her little girl that was born just a week ago! Julie, can you believe it's been a week? Feel like longer already? We love you and can't wait to come meet our little Elodie Ruth!