Friday, April 22, 2011

Precious Moments-Never too busy?

Two weeks ago we were teased. I hate being teased. I blogged about getting yard work done, trimming bushes, pulling weed, cleaning out flower beds, anticipating the arrival of perennials.
And then this happens.
I know: It's gorgeous!
But after Spring has already sprung?
That's tough.

I pulled out of the driveway and decided to take this photo. A car drove past me and I got quite a look for being in the middle of the road looking like an idiot.
I knew I had to take it though because Spring was here...
Meaning: the snow would be gone as fast as it arrived.
I was right; by the end of the day, it was gone.
My darling, my baby doll, my precious little girl...she is working the art of manipulation.
"Mommy! Owie! Hut! Fin-guh, hut!!"
Translation: "Mommy! Ouch! My finger hurts!"
I don't think it really hurts...I think she has learned how much attention you can get when you are hurt. You get a mother's loving touch, some sort of cream, and a band-aid.
So, she likes to try this...

Yes, I am the bad parent who forgot the Cubbies vest.
Yes, I forgot the camera so I had to use my cell phone.
And, yes, I was the horrible mother who left early and didn't get to see the other 300 kids get their awards. Hey-before you judge...
Owen rebelled and rarely wore his vest all year-even when I sewed his patches on!
My camera is on the fritz and I'm asking for a new one for Mother's Day. two-year-old was crabby because it was her bedtime!
But I sure was a proud Mommy!
Owie learned 26 verses this year and got a certificate.
He loved being on stage and said he wanted to go up there again.
He was so cute...I couldn't help waving at him.
He waved back.
Yes, I never thought I would be one of those parents! :-)

Today is Good Friday and our Bible Study falls on this night.
We invited Mimi over to help. She's such a blessing.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Palm Sunday

Today Owen got to use big-boy black scissors to cut the edges of his palm for Palm Sunday lessons. He is into the response, "I know, Mom!"
So, when I was telling him that Palm Sunday is remembering Jesus' triumphant entry into Jerusalem, he said, "I know, Mom."
I am so glad they have such wonderful teachers! :-)
Gabby looks more disheveled that how she woke...she was quite happy, makes the bed-head even more adorable! When her usual "teacher" was not at her class, she almost hesitated going in. But, Pam (I just learned her name) took Gabby in her arms and that's all it takes for Gabby.
You'd never guess that Owen got stitches only a week ago...when I picked up Owen after church service, I said that to his teacher. She looked so surprised! He's jumping and running and forgetting it's there...until I take off the sock and band-aid to clean and dress it again.
Then he says, "Mom, you have to carry me. Can I watch a movie? I can't walk..."
Blah, blah, blah...
"but I need something!" :-)

I have another post in my mind about the blessings of life and being a child of God...
I'll keep you waiting...for a bit...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

If you are squeamish...don't look!

Know that you have been warned!
Summertime couldn't be here fast enough for Owen.
As I recall, he had his suit on and was in the "pool" last April too!
I was so proud to have my yard raked and be able to see my perennials poking up in the landscaping.

Owen was out playing, digging up worms, getting dirty...head to toe!
We were just finishing up to go inside to get cleaned up...
then I thought of one more thing to do...
I headed to the end of the driveway to clean up around the mailbox...
Owen "found" a broken glass bottle that had been kicked up into our yard...
probably by a plow this winter.
I knew immediately he would need stitches...
blood and a big flap of skin!

He was such a trooper until they tried to stick him with a needle
to numb the area to prep for stitches.
"DON'T DO IT! DON'T DO IT!" Literally kicking and screaming.
So, Urgent Care was useless.
We were sent to the ER.
While waiting, poor little guy was so tuckered out, he fell asleep on the gurney.
Yes, he has Spiderman pj's and swimsuit on and he's dirty. Very dirty.
You know how they tell you to keep in mind that if you were to get into an accident and they had to strip you down to help you...make sure you are not wearing your grandma panties?
Well, you can't plan what your kid is wearing when you head to the ER either!
Nice doctor got it done and got it done FAST!
Yes, it's a bummer that O is hobbling around, but he's recovering.
He sure knows how to milk it though!

Saturday, April 02, 2011

How do we say Thank you?

So...What 87 year-old comes over so one can have a wonderful night with her husband and best friends? Mimi...
Gramma mimi is amazing.
She not only drives across Wisconsin and Illinois to see her youngest grandchildren and great grand children, because family is the most meaningful depth in her bones, but she "babysits" for a four and two-year old without thinking about what it will actually take to keep them occupied while Mom and Dad hit the town. I take for granted that I know such a woman. I know she was "Mom" to 5 children, but I find it amazing that I am still getting to know her each time I get to see her.

Roger and I got to go out with some friends ...
and she took my kids for a walk, hunted "dragons," and put on PJ's, read stories, said prayers...
She knows the beauty of friendship so she is letting me have just that...
I hope she knows how much I love and appreciate her.
Not just as a "babysitter."
But as my Grandmother.
She sure has been grand to me.
People who love me so much to let me have my life to live...
I hope I can give, or am giving, as much of myself so that others can live their lives...
My I doing that unselfishly???

Am I giving back enough?...