Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Visit With Gramma Mae

I think we all take the older generations for granted.
I am 34 and still feel 21...
will I always think I am young(er)?

These pictures are of Grandma Mae...
She is 94 and tries to converse, serve, walk about...
but she does need help.
What age does she think like?
She talks a bit loud and can't hear too well.
She is not as balanced as she once was, 
but I wonder if she feels younger than she really is...
It made me happy that little Liam could make her happy.
I hear that older people who have family around live longer and are healthier than people who are isolated or not close to family.
I think young people keep the older ones young as well...
Smiling so much has got to add years to one's life!
Grandma Mimi will be on her way back up to the cold tomorrow!
We can't wait to see you Gramma Mimi!!!
Want to babysit?????
Liam sleeps as well as the other two--you'd handle it great!
How about a trip to Wisconsin first?
Yes, you fit in the car and are very welcome to come with!

A Little Song...

Gabby sings and makes up stories all the time.
Yesterday she said an elephant is juicy because it shoots water out of its horn.  
his head is on top of his head like a train!
an elephant blows water out of a light (she was looking at a light)
purse goes round and around and a purse.
So she doesn't always make sense, but...
often very entertaining.
You should hear her "read" books!
Imagine all the fun she has making up people
and events and places by just looking at pictures!
I often laugh at what she comes up with!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Swimming and other fun!

How could you  not love this face????

or hanging out with this face?  :-)
Last weekend we hung out at the pool for the first time!
It truly was fun...
Owen rode the big slide for the first time,
Liam just hung out and even didn't mind getting dunked,
Gabby splashed and played...
ALL was fun until...
We got to the locker room:
Gabby pooped, Liam got tired and wanted nap...NOW,
and then to top it all off, 
Owen tripped on his shoe and sliced his toe open.
Blood everywhere.
We managed to get out quickly enough that I would do it again...
But another set of hands would be really nice!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Big and Little...trouble?

 She doesn't want help.
She wants help.
She wants TO help.
She doesn't want to help.
Middle child angst already evident...
 I am give her what she needs.
Especially since she's my only girl.
Maybe that's all the more reason to give her more than I think she needs...
Little guy, on the other hand, is easy.
He's fun.
 I can honestly say that I am enjoying him, all his warmth and squishiness.
His giggles, coos, snuggles, and yes, his itty bitty demands.
He's happy and not too serious.
He's entertaining and sweet.
He's so responsive and alert.
 and yes, he has a few of my facial expressions...
see the creased brow...already!  :-)
 And he actually works hard at tummy time.
He doesn't even cry...
My 61/2 year old still panics when things don't go his way,
when people don't do the right thing,
or when he makes a mistake...for the most part.
He always was like this.
Ask me about the spilled water when he was 1...
but Liam?
I have a feeling he's never going to take me seriously.
My goofball?
I'll smile now while it's still cute!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Popcorn toots and playtime...

 I've been back to work for three weeks now and I'm getting the hang of it.
I'm happy.  There is much as can be expected...
But, I've learned that as soon as something seems routine,
it changes.
I can handle it...bring it on!
 I AM sick of this winter though.
Maybe because I was stuck inside recovering.
Maybe because I have cooped up kids!
They are crazy!
 But at least they have each other!
 Liam is my buddy though.
We hang out...
And now Owen is loving making Liam smile and giggle.

 And then there's Gabby...she puts plates on her brother's head...
He's rarely this serious!
"Mom, do I look pretty?" "Gabby, You ARE pretty!"
Caught at the beginning of a big smile...yep, two teeth on top gone!
So what does "popcorn toots" mean?
Well, one time when Momma had some gas, Owen said so seriously,
"It smells like popcorn."
First bath time together!
Since then, any strange smell is a "popcorn toot."

Pink boy with tan boy--can you guess who's who?
The other night I "dropped something" in their room 
when I was saying good night.
Owen asked, so seriously, "did you leave me a popcorn toot?"
I smile.

Newborn Pictures I haven't posted!

I can't think of anything to say...
but once again I have a full heart to give.
oh yeah, and he's perfect!

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Love and Smiles...

Owen said the other day that he wanted to "chub Liam's cheeks."
I smiled.  My son turned a noun into a verb.
But yes, I understand.
Liam has filled out, just like I expected.
Gabby and Owen took very little time as babies to fill out.
I'm telling you:  there is nothing like hugging a squishy baby.

"Comfort & Joy"
So warm, so cuddly.
So wonderful. So precious.
And now, I get the smiles and giggles and coos too!!!

"Hi Mom!"
Between snuggling and smiling, not much in the world could possibly be better.

Except for that my littlest one has given me a whole week of 7-9 hour stretches of sleep at night.
Now, you have to understand.  It is HIM that sleeps that long. 
I still wake up waiting for him to need me.  Want me.
Or, I feel as though I have to do "just one more thing" before going to bed.
Then I end up staying up til 10 or so...on a school night! Yikes!

There is no shortage of arms to hold and love to give.
I've found new encouragement in telling myself that this is just a hard time in life,
but I really don't want it to pass TOO quickly.
I don't think we'll have any more babies. 
I love having a baby.
But, there's more to having a baby 
than just sitting around and squishing all his squishiness.

My body is not my own.
My time is rarely my own.
The demands of this part of my life make it hard,
but once again I'm in awe of the irony that I want this life.
I want to be a mother and caregiver and teacher and provider of so much.

I also know that I love working.
It's hard to be so many things and to do them well.
But I am actually thankful that I have not given up my role as school teacher.
This is just a hard time in life.
Not hard in an unhappy way.
Just complicated and busy.

But I am also convinced that we choose to fill our lives up with things
and activities and outings and clubs and meetings, etc...
If we don't like being so busy, take something out.
Say no once in awhile.

Remember what's important and what's the purpose of this life.
God gives and God takes away.
God gives me each day and what I do with it should always aim at his gift to me.
His gift of a day.
Tomorrow is not given yet.
Be careful of what you do with today.

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Growing Boy!

So my precious third child is already getting the shaft!
Well, not really.
I just have really not been good about posting about him as I did with the other two.
But, between having sick kids, getting sick myself, and going back to work,
I have no energy to even email, let alone post pictures!
This little one is so loved!

Gabby is one of his biggest fans, but he has learned to be cautious when she comes around.
He gives her the look that pleads,
"please don't bonk my head or pinch my belly again!"

But what can he do?
He's two months!
And a big boy at two months he is!
Over 13 pounds and as chubby as I expected him to get!
I call him my squishy little bundly, my chubby goodness, my lovey-dovey little chubby boy.
It is the only time in life that one can get away with 
rubbing and pinching squishiness and call it love, true love!
This picture was when Grampa was up in the middle of January...
My little boy has grown soooo much just since then!
Gramma Mimi!  He's going to be so big by the time you come back!

And then there is my other "big boy." sweet boy.
Makes me laugh...

And yell and cry and get so stinking mad!
Kids...gotta love em, hey?
I sigh...
I smile...again.

Happy Birthday to me...belated

Well, I found some pants that fit and 
we used a gift card that we got from a Christmas gift-exchange 
(yeah for the dice game!).  
Fogo De Chau!  
oh yum...if you haven't been, find a good excuse to go!

So, the story is that Roger is MR. "Safety First" and
tends to be more cautious than me.
I'm not crazy nor am I a dare-devil, but it is on my bucket list to learn to fly an airplane.
For those of you who know me well and you did not know this, 
that's because it's always just been there in my mind and not something to really grasp.
So, now that you know these two things, it was just as much of a surprise to ME that Roger bought me a flying lesson for my birthday.
I am so excited!  I get to have a day lesson on land and then get up in an airplane.  I get to be at the controls (somewhat) and see what it's like.
Roger still doesn't think he'll let me go as far as getting a license and/or get my own airplane...
he said he wouldn't fly with me...nor would my kids.
But here's my argument:
NORMAL people fly airplanes everyday!
normal everyday people perform surgery EVERYDAY too!
Aren't I normal?  or at least capable of LEARNING, getting TRAINING, ETC...
Heck, maybe he'll let me become a doctor instead!  :-)
It's the salesman who goes to work everyday knowing he'll be rejected 86 times before an appointment is set and a sale may be possible...he's the NOT normal one.
So, I will learn to fly, but I will add it to my list of "dreams" to one day have a license and, if my salesman makes enough money one day...I just may have my own plane!
I just won't hold my breath...