Monday, March 09, 2009

EXPERIENCES NEVER TO FORGET! Grampa was ecstatic when Owen asked to help grampa in the barn. Grampa needed to move snow off the driveway and Owen didn't hesitate to get on the "digger" with Grampa. He is still talking about it..."he" being owen...okay, grampa still hasn't stopped talking about it either!
We visited Grampa at work and he took us to a place he hopes to do a job at (and it is the office of a dear friend from church). Inside the office entryway is a collection of the company's owner's finds and prizes from his hunting excursions all over the world. I was impressed...I can't imagine what Owen was thinking...seeing elephants, lions, bears, buffalo, hippo, crocadile, etc, all up close.
The elephant is only the front half and the tusks are not real ( they had to leave those...)

Imagine having a conference in this office...
How do they get any talking done?? :-)

Some exhibits were very interesting, but it was all very life-like!

Just touching!

Owen loved the animals because he could get so close!

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