Sunday, November 26, 2006

"What about ME? I need attention!"
"Much better...What else can I demand?"

"I don't think that's my bottle, Auntie Emmy?"

The boys can't go wrong wearing blue! Gramma Mamma and Grampa Phil spent a few days up here and we were glad to spend some good time with them...Owen got most of the attention though. He spent many hours playing, strolling, sleeping, rolling around, and overall just loving the attention! Thanks for all your help, mom and dad and auntie emmy and gramma mimi! I got 21 pages started on that second chapter! I feel very good...just a few more details to attend to...we sure are going to party hard next May when I graduate!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Sittin' like a big boy! Someday he'll be reading his books and he won't have to be propped up, but will he still fit in the little rocking chair that Auntie Emmy gave him? Hmmmm...Owen's been quite happy and only fake cries a little...when he's bored, tired or not gettting enough attention. Can you believe that? There are times he thinks he is not getting enough attention! Were convinced he is an extrovert...he even loved going shopping with Dad so early in the morning the day after Thanksgiving! He stayed awake and enjoyed the ride. hmmmm...What will he think of next?

Friday, November 24, 2006

You'd never be able to tell from this picture that neither one of us is sleeping very well these days. I truly believe that Owen responds to every ounce of my stress. He is waking up like clockwork-every two to three hours at night. He was up at 4:30 this morning and it is a mere 6:20 now. Roger decided to take Owen shopping since we were all up anyway. I wonder how that will go.
The stress I feel comes from the inability to control so many things going on in life right now...I so want to finish my 2nd and 3rd chapters of my masters paper, but the time escapes me and I am overwhelmed. If I could just get that done...would Owen sleep finally? So, I drag myself out of bed because I am just lying there stewing about not getting anything done and not being able to sleep. I get crabby just thinking about how I need my sleep so I can get something done during the day. When I don't get sleep, I'm too tired to get anything done, but I lose sleep thinking about the things I need to get done. Ugh! So here I am, not working on the things that need to get done and am playing on my blog. Life...I try to simplify, but I just get more worked up! The ironic thing about all this is that, ask anyone...most people would say life is too busy and time goes too fast. Why do we have to live this way? I don't think this is how it is meant to be. Roger asked me what I was thankful for yesterday...and I said, "oh, you want me to be positive?" I do have so much to be thankful for, but why do I feel so attacked and bitten by the ungrateful, negative bugs lately? I'm back to blaming not getting enough sleep...the never ending cycle-will it ever end?

After a day of Thanksgiving with the Reger's, Owen was still full of smiles and fun for Gramma Mama and Grampa Phil. They drove up while everyone else was eating turkey so they beat traffic. I sure am thankful that they take the time and energy to visit so much.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Sunday, November 19, 2006

With all the rolling around that Owen is doing, he can't help but get tangled up in his blanket! Actually, this was the first time he did this...I had to sneak in for a photo. How precious...doesn't he look sweet?? Do I have a little angel on my hands? Hmmmm...
Another first today....he had a smelly poop! Up to this point, I thought it was quite sweet smelling! Even little angel's poop must smell!
This morning Owen woke me up promptly at six; not so bad...we then had a bit of fun with the camera while still in PJ's. Dad slept through the fun so we had to do "self inflicted"! :-)
After church we went to see Jenn for lunch and had some more fun with the camera. We miss Jenn when we don't see her...our schedules rarely collide. She is looking beautiful as ever and Owen appreciated her hugs and kisses.
This week and weekend have been wonderful because we have spent much time together. Family time and mommy-daddy time have been valuable. God's grace and powerful hand are evident in the happiness we have just spending time together. Thanks to all for your prayers!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Favorite position...Happy times! Owen has officially rolled over twice all on his own. Both times--completely naked! He's sure wiggling these days though! This morning he got me up at 5:15 and decided it was play time. Good morning!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Happy Katie! We celebrated with cake and play as Kate celebrated the last of the 20's over at our house last night. She is looking as beautiful as ever and is anticipating her next arrival...she thinks it's a girl! We'll have to wait and see since they couldn't tell from the ultrasound. Ganny Nanny and Grampa Steve are proud and beaming with the three little ones. Owen loves parties! Wherever the people are, that's where Owen will be--just like his daddy.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Johnny Jump up! Owen played his jumper today! Whew he was busy: he played on his mat, then the johnny jump up, then the exersaucer, then back on the floor to take off clothes! He's happy for longer periods of time and easier to entertain these days, but when he's we go to granny nanny's so she can sing and rock and bounce to her heart's delight! :-) The weekend has been a good one--we are a pretty happy family...God's blessings are evident in our ability to love and enjoy one another wholly.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Daddy's littl punkin'! If you look close, that's what his bib really says. You can believe that Owen and Roger have been having quite a bit of daddy/son time. Owen laughs and giggles at all the funny faces and funny voices that "daddy" makes. Hmmmm, what will Owen grow up to be like????
Nothing sweeter in life...

One thing to say: Pictures speak a thousand words! This time with Owen is so much fun. He seems to be enjoying life as well...especially at 3 in the morning! We are trying to get him back on schedule so he is not waking up every two hours...whew! Habits are formed quite quickly. Mornings are still his "fun" time.
Owen...having tons o fun in the exersaucer! He seems to think we have funny facial expressions!