Friday, August 27, 2010

It's been the summer of pajamas...
On the last day of my summer vacation...I am up at 5:45 in the morning.
I can't blame kids either.
After lying awake for 40 mins trying to fall back asleep, i gave up. I decided that my blog had waited long enough; there was so much to catch up on and do instead of lying in bed, feeling all the soreness of the week getting worse.
So, here I sit...
We've had so many fun times this summer, but in a short list of
"what happened on my summer vacation..."
here it is...
In June, Gabby had 4 teeth and now she has 13
We did T-ball and swimming lessons
Both kids had a bout with different times
Since our trip to CA on Memorial Day weekend,
we've also traveled to CO
and then WI (twice)

Got haircuts...

I did a week of curriculum writing and two days of summer institute
and three days of mentor training with 8th graders
and had lots of Popsicles
We worked on "the duplex"
(which needs to be re-named: home-away-from-home,
destination MN, the appendage
...any ideas?)

And came back home to have campfires
We helped with/attended two baby showers

Went golfing once or twice
Learned to share
Learned to wrestle
(the wrestling "ring" is seen above...a big pillow on the ground)
and won the "championship" belt!
I painted my entire upstairs area (kitchen, living room, etc...)
Grocery shopping became just a bit more fun
and I started a fun business...(if you want to see, click here)

Yes, busy.
I could not, would not, and shall not wish anything different or better.
My kids are the best!...
Roger's been pretty amazing too!

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

I finished a post I began awhile is some of our trip to Colorado. Scroll down to see that post...