Saturday, May 31, 2008

Last week we got Owen his first haircut...well, first professional haircut. I have been cutting it and I think I do okay, but we have pictures next week and I didn't trust myself. :-) I had to hold him while he ate snacks so this picture is afterwards: he's sitting on the floor eating more of his snack. :-)

Good times with mama! Last weekend gramma mama and grampa phil came up to play and swim and hide from storms and grill out steak and just have fun...oh yeah...we also celebrated rog's 27th Birthday! Whew! It was fun, but all together too quick. Here we are saying cheese!
On Sunday it was Rog's idea to change his clothes to dress like Owen. They looked just darling!
By the time we had cake, though, Owen had to change his shirt. Oh well. Boys will be boys.
Owen always has a good time with his cousins: Maely (left), Cali (middle bottom) and emmi (standing behind Cali). Good times and even better memories!

I'll say the weather is getting nicer, spring has finally sprung, and summer is just around the corner. We've been busy and the computer with all my pictures on it has crashed (I think)...either way, it is not working so I am finally getting around to catching up a few blog entries. :-)
I'm so glad for our deck because every time owen gets the bug to go outside, he can; even though we live in a town home and we don't have a backyard.

It's tiring playing so hard! Water is a welcome snack these days. Speaking of backyards...we cancelled the offer on that house we talked about before. There was just too much damage from the winter and water leaking. Oh well. We are happy to be out looking again!
Balls! A boy cannot have too many! :-)

Friday, May 16, 2008

We have been busy! We aren't in a hurry to move, but when we started looking, we found a great find. We are waiting for the bank to de-winterize so we can get an inspection and that is taking a long time. We still aren't in a hurry, but it would be nice to know!
EVERYDAY Owen wants to go to the park. He is learning to climb and slide and play in the dirt or sand! So much fun!
Last weekend we took a trip to Wisconsin. On Saturday Owen went to the zoo while we exercised (thanks gramma mama and mimi and grampa phil!). His favorite animal was either the rhino or the peacock. Or maybe they are both just fun for him to say. :-) Then we all had Applebees. Owen fell asleep soon after so everyone but gramma mama toured the Sprecher brewery. It was lots of run and free samples at the end! (they make 9 different kinds of soda too!)
We were there for Mother's Day so we had an amazing brunch after church with the family. It would have been a perfect day, but we had to drive 5 1/2 hours back home. If Owen wasn't sleeping or eating, he was unhappy. The DVD player stopped working so there was little we could do. He was amused when gramma mimi tossed the ball with him! The next day he even said, "mimi's ball!" when we got in the car. memories!

Today I had a wonderful surprise on my phone! Carrie sent me this picture of Owen having fun with his friend Ryan. Owen went down the big slide and had so much fun, Carrie thought that he would never want to leave the park. :-) Owen's daycare is right behind my school so when I took a class out to read, I kept watching to see if I would see the little group going to or from the park. Shucks! I missed them! I am so glad Owen has so much fun everyday and is in a place where he is so loved...and the favorite! :-)