Thursday, March 29, 2007

"hmm...what shall I read today?"
"oh, hi mom...I wasn't doing anything!"
"see?! Perfect angel!"

Sunday, March 25, 2007

The last couple weeks I have been working hard on finishing up my masters degree capstone. It is a major project where I researched writing assessment and instruction. I ended up developing a writing assessment model; all five chapters drafted - 66 pages all together. I just have some revising to do and organizing of the appendices and then I mail it on Friday. I am not as sick of it as I thought I would be. I am actually quite excited about the model I can actually use in my classroom. However...I am sick of not spending time taking care of my boys and my home. While I've been busy, Roger and Owen have had to keep each other company and my house has gotten quite messy!
I spied on the boys from the balcony while I took my eyes off the computer they play with toys...
Here they have successfully made a mess...
Here it looks like it's getting to be snack time...
Hey, at least one of them is wearing pants!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Owen got new PJ's so we were havin' fun trying them out! He and daddy played around on the floor and then Owen stood by the toy chest gigling and smiling and pounding. He's got the ye-bye wave down and I think he knows what it means too. This morning when I left him at daycare and said bye-bye, he started crying. He's never cried when I left him. Oh, so sad. But then, I gave him a big smile and said everything will be okay. He then waved bye-bye without crying. Big smiles...I think he knows what that means too!
Cousin Skotty sent this home with Owen last Saturday when he went to see G-Gramma Mae. Owen loves the noises it makes and how he can scoot himself around. However, we have carpeting so he can't go too fast! :-) I guess that's alright. Boy at play-nothin' better than seein' him smile!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Don't know if you can tell...I got 6 inches cut off my hair...Gramma Mimi, can you tell??? Owen doesn't seem to mind...he still knows it's me!
I don't even bother to clean up...Owen's toys find their way out & about! After a bit of throw-up last week (sweet potatoes and peas) we got our carpets cleaned. Is Grauntie Karen glad? :-)

"I'm sorry, Owen. I couldn't resist!"
Here's yet more evidence of Owen getting away from me at diaper-changing time. He wiggles and squirms and wobbles away to find something fun to play with. He is enthralled with the powder bottle and has figured out that his door swings open and shut. He loves the spring on the back of the door too! He is an adventurous little tyke! Only when we are in a hurry and I can't get a diaper on his wiggly little body does it frustrate me just a wee bit.
Life with little Owen is never dull: He's learned to wiggle away from the diaper and now knows how to get away when it's time to put jammies on...
Owen has found his knees and wobbles and wiggles his way-some of you call this crawling.
He may want to "get away" but he has to make sure I don't get too far away from him.
"Here I come, Mom!"
"Mom! I did it! You can hold me now!" heh heh (Owen really has a funny giggle-his raspy little voice has a way of charming and swaying the toughest of crowds!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Many of you didn't know that we took a trip! We had to keep it a secret from Gramma Mama because we were surprising her for her birthday last week! For over a month we kept the secret from her: all her girls, Owen, and Rog flew down to Florida to surprise her on her own vacation. It was so much fun! Here Owen is looking out the window of the airplane. :-)
I'm not surprised that Owen was smothered by Auntie Lori and Auntie Julie upon arrival--they have not seen him since September! So much fun to be together again.
Great Gramma Mimi even came over to Orlando from her stay in Cape Coral (visiting Vivi and Jim). She picked Julie, Owen, Rog and me up at the airport--she rented a car and found her way! The joke all weekend was asking her to "act her age." But then again, how many of us "act our age?" :-)

Rog soaked up some sun too!

Grampa Phil was busy teaching Owen to crawl.

We spent some time out on the porch too! So much fun chatting it up and laughing about all the same stories that make up laugh every time we are together.

We ate, smiled, laughed, played a very interesting game of pictionary, laughed even more, and enjoyed all our time together. Friday was a day in the sun, and Saturday was a day at Universal Studios. Too much fun!

Here they are! All covered up and protected from the hot Florida rays.

Owen didn't mind the water, but he was still waking up when I thrust him into the experience.

Here we are at one of the pools...

The fountains and gardens were beautiful and we enjoyed our walks around the grounds. We will miss that place, but we are already in the midst of discussing where our next reunion will be! Owen sure will be the travellin' kid!