Friday, June 22, 2012

Then came summer...

 Summer is always a tough transition because I have to get used to not going to work...
and the kids have to get used to less structure.
Sure, I could try to be on top of things, schedule their calendars full,
and get super creative.
 Sometimes, they don't feel like that...
Sometimes, I don't feel like that...
 just being free to go climb trees or go for a bike ride
is better than anything I could have scheduled.
 It takes time to transition...
And then, life happens.
 And, as great of friends as these two are most of the time,
They are siblings.
They fight...about everything!
Which seat, which side of the car they get in,
who got more, who's got what broken toy now,
what book to read, who picked out what book,
who goes pee first, who takes out the "num nums,"
who gives who the "num nums"...
and on and on...
But it sure is true love--
no matter the fight, they will love and have fun.
They forgive and move on.
They find fun in common and work it out...or just move on.
Summer...what other lessons in love will we learn???

Kindergarten Graduation!

 So, on Mother's Day Owen did not want to make me happy by putting on his nice shorts and collared shirt...don't judge.  I learned awhile ago that I will pick my battles when it comes to what he wears to church.  I'd rather him be excited for church and love going than be mad as all get out because I was making him wear something that he did not want to...hence, he got away with even wearing pajamas to church for about a year and a half.
Don't judge.
 On the other hand, I guess he had a mind to impress on Kindergarten graduation day because there was no fight about wearing something nice.  His daddy even helped him do his hair all spiky.
And little sister watched on...
So Proud...and excited!
Nothin' noisier nor excitin' 
as a bunch of very excited Kindergartner Graduates!
He looked for us...
Found us...and continued to make sure we were there the whole time.
You just have to watch the little boy in the front row who does the motions big
and keeps doing them even when everyone else is done.
I smiled...a lot.


And then, his big moment:

He got to play one of the reindeer for Rudolf the Red-nosed Reindeer!
(Obviously the songs were not a timely choice but 
were songs that the kids learned throughout the year.)
Just watching him be...himself was so fun!
They did a really nice tribute to veterans as well and sang,
"I'm Proud to be an American"...really loud!  :-)
and the grand finale...
Bubble Wrap stomping!
But then..."diplomas"  :-)
Many thanks to the greatest Kindergarten teacher he could have had...