Friday, March 23, 2012

More Spring Break Fun...

We were looking for something fun to do one of the days that we have not done before...
museums, attractions of some sort...
we chose MOA!
Owen had not been there since he was a baby and Gabby never had been!
Owen was too busy to take it all in to be able to make clear decisions 
about what he wanted to we rode the Ferris wheel!
I was probably more scared than Gabby!

Owen did like it!
Then he tried the bumper cars...but,
you get a bunch of 4-6 year olds in cars 
that only move when you turn the wheel far to the left or right 
and then get stuck when they bump together,
it made for a very short ride.
Live and Learn!

The impetus for our trip was that I got a free membership 
to the Aquarium Sea Life on the lower level...

We actually did that first so we didn't have to be there with lots of people.
It was a good one was there!
We had the place to ourselves and soon enough, 
Gabby let me put her down.

She kept saying, "Don't let the fishies get me!"

She'd come back to make sure it was still ok...
It was so neat being so close though!

It wasn't very big...
but just enough!

There's even a new rain forest exhibit.
Not everything was there, but there were poison dart frogs!

Owen's favorite:  sticky toads!
and then...what's a better way to end the day...

Chocolate all over the place!

Spring Wedding!

A very personal and beautiful wedding indeed!
Catie is no longer "Burgie" but is now a Kastan!
It was a sweet 
(two English majors made for many metaphors in their vows!)
and personal 
(an individually typed letter to every person invited!  
it was at our place settings at the reception!)
and fun
(cupcakes, dancing, toasts, and great food!)
It was nice to get dressed up and leave the kids for a night...

It took 3 tries to get this one below...
we were laughing so hard!
I love weddings...and we have 5 or 6 more this summer!!!!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Surprise of the Week!

So we knew Owen had the balance because he can cruise on the strider,
but we got him on a purple bike that says, "Sweethearts!" and a girly helmet,
but by golly, he can ride a bike!
He got it right away and it took about 3 seconds to get him started.
That's a bit of a different story!!


Of course I wanted to organize my house a bit, 
paint the laundry room, 
maybe do some sewing over my spring break, but instead...

We had play dates, 
jumped on the NEW trampoline, 
went to the park,

 played in the yard, had a couple fires in the fire pit (already!!),
opened the windows every day, swept the deck,
 painted the driveway, played on the swing set here and at friends' house,
played games, ran around, had more friends over,
trimmed the bushes,
 had s'mores, ate outside, walked around barefoot, 
got dirty enough to have a bath "4 nights in a row, Mom!"
Love it!
Sad to say "Spring Break" is just about over, but it has not gone too fast!
What a blessing to have thoroughly enjoyed it!

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

My LIttle Twinkler

 First day of gymnastics:
 Doing as her teachers tells her...

 Walking the beam...
 Jumping on the tramp...

 Getting help from teacher...

"I can do it!"
 Gabby doing it all by herself!
 Every once in awhile I got a "Hi Mom!" through the glass...
No tears, no worries...just fun!
She was all hops and skips going to, while at, and coming from her little class.
Precious new first steps...
They just keep coming!

Monday, March 05, 2012

Field Trips!

Owen gets to go on field trips regularly through the year...
and I got to go on a quick one!
The Dam is one of Owen's favorite places...
We've gone there together before.
 The naturalist talked all about vertebrates, 
warm and cold-blooded characteristics, 
reptiles & amphibians...I learned so much!  :-)
 It was a last minute plan and possibility that I was able to go.
Nothing happens by accident!
I've been to the classroom a few times,
had lunch with Owen one time,
helped with Christmas and Valentine's Day parties,
and now I've been on this trip.
It is so fun having the kids know my name and 
want to hug me when I come to visit.
To be 5 again!  :-)

 Gabby got to go on a "field trip" as well!  
Daddy took a day off work and
 took his princess to see Disney on Ice downtown.  
What a day!
 Daddy bought her a princess purse, princess ice cream...
 They got there nice and early...
 Her favorites?  Mickey and Cinderella!
And then, true to form, 
she fell asleep with about a half hour left of the show.
So much to take in! 
Memories...if these times are forgotten in the mind, 
I hope pictures help tell the stories!

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Winter for a Day!

We spent some time drawing and coloring, 
but it has not been too much this winter 
that we got to play outside like this!

Gabby even played!
Last year she wouldn't walk, play, roll around, etc...
This year she goofed and dove in the snow!
Perfect snow for a snowman!
Have I mentioned that Owen is always hungry?
No snow angels this time though!