Sunday, January 28, 2007

Owen is growing and changing everyday, and he keeps busy finding new talents! Today we found that he loves to drive cars and pound on the piano. It was amazing: he sat in this little car and pushed himself along. If his toes weren't so curled up, I'd say he could stand or walk soon. Well, the crawling is coming along. We'll be sure to let y'all know when that happens!

Over at Granny Nanny's and Grampa Steve's Owen found a ball to play with...yes, it is pink and has Little Mermaid, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty on it. Um...he really doesn't mind, as long as it is a ball of some kind.

My dear friend Jessie, who is beautiful (and a heart to match), met us out for lunch. Neither of us could believe that it has been a year since we saw each other for lunch. It is always nice to catch up and she continues to surprise me with her gentle modesty and her determination. She's one of those few people that I remember seeing in college and saying to myself, "I'd love to be her friend." What I did not know is that she thought the same of me. It's ironic that what we admire in the other is what we are lacking ourselves. In that way, we encourage one another even when we don't see each other for months. Thank you Jessie for being that kind of a friend to me...and thanks for letting Owen scream over lunch at Applebee's! :-)

Saturday, January 27, 2007

It's a tad big now, but it will make it to next year. We found a winter coat for is definitely not a play coat, but it sure is adorable!

Owen and two blue-eyes enjoy one another's company. The weeks are flying by, but we take time to enjoy the weekends. Roger prays that we have "quality time" together. So...We are having a wonderful time this weekend, and, believe it or not, Roger's taken up a bit of cooking. Tonight we had Fajitas & Owen had cereal.
Speaking of Owen, he sure keeps us busy, but we keep him equally busy! He's keen on yelling to get what he wants or simply to amuse anyone who'll listen. He's moved on to destroying grocery adds in addition to the magazines, but he found a moment to help mom with the laundry today. He's reachin', scootin', pullin', and rollin' all over the place. I'm sorry, but I truly do believe that I have the best lookin' kid ever! :-) The only time he's not smilin' is when you ignore him...uh...he calls again.
It was time to get up, so we went in to see if Owen was ready to get up. We found him sleeping like this. I knew he loved his brown bear from Great Gramma Mimi , but I couldn't resist taking this photo of him curled up with his bum sticking up. :-) heehee

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Yestereday when I picked Owen up at Carrie's, I found him "reading a magazine." So this morning I set one on his blankie and he went right for it and stayed occupied for quite some time. Of course we could not deny how cute it was that Owen likes to grab for magazines. He rolls around with the magazine like he is reading it. This one is especially amusing: STAR magazine. Yep, he's already learning to keep up with all the Hollywood gossip and styles! :-) Yeah, we thought it cute...and then, he destroys it. Still cute...we don't mind. It's a weekly publication anyway!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

When we came home from church this afternoon, Owen and I took a much-needed nap. We were both pretty tired from a 5:00 screaming session that woke us both up. Must I clarify? It was Owen screaming, not me. So, we napped while Rog went to the grocery store. Later Owen and I read some books and sang some songs while Roger went to choir practice. My blue-eyed little angel then helped me with dinner (in this picture). Looks like he's enjoying himself. :-)
As I write this Owen is playing with his feet--I knew there was a reason why they call it "happy baby" pose (yoga). Each night before we put on our footy pajamas, we have to say "good night feet! see you in the morning!" I think Owen likes that as much as our story time. Heehee!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Owen's jammies made me smile...little lassos and ponies for the little cowboy in him. :-) He's been so smiley and happy lately that it makes it so hard to leave him each day. I know he won't always be so much fun...but I have no way of knowing what that will feel like. I only know right now.

Right now...I know that I wish I could spend more time with him. I hope I am giving him enough love, affection, and admiration to make up for the time I do not have with him. He's not complaining, and he sure knows who I am. I think he knows I'm kinda important to him. :-)

Sunday, January 14, 2007

My birthday dinner was fun and Roger's co-workers were entertaining...Imagine having dinner with a room full of salesmen! It was nice being driven around and waited on, but it was nice to get home and crawl into bed for a few hours too. I woke up at the normal time with Owen so we both took a nap while Rog went grocery shopping. But nothing made my day as much as watching Owen figure out how to take off his pants!
or take a bath with a washcloth on his head while sucking on his bath ducky!

Let' s talk about alterior motives...It was my birthday and I got to open presents for me and not Owen for once. However, it was Owen who stole the show...and all the lovin! :-) That's okay because that makes me happy!...

Gramma Mama and Owen talking and laughing about nothin' at all...

Owen saying, "I'm having so much fun, but..."

"...when is nap time, Gramma?" sweet...

Saturday, January 13, 2007

"Happy Birthday, MOM!" Owen and I were up at 6:30 to start celebrating! Actually, the festivities began last Saturday and I've been having a wonderful "Birthday Week!" Today is great, though, because Roger and I are getting picked up at 4:15 in a limo to enjoy a wonderful italian dinner down in Edina...compliments of Roger's boss! :-) Originally it was not to celebrate my birthday, but it fell on my birthday so I am going to consider it my birthday dinner! :-) I am very excited and I'm sure Owen will have fun with both grandma's babysitting! This morning we spent some time at Grandma Mimi's and I opened some presents. I'm sure Mom and Dad came up to celebrate my birthday, but I can't help thinking I was not the only motivation...

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

"Look who we've got our Hanes on NOW!"
Other than wearing big boy clothes and playing so good with his toys, Owen's latest milestone is sitting in a restaurant high-chair. :-) We stopped taking him to restaurants for awhile because he would get so crabby, but now that he can "sit" at the table like a big boy, he may be happier. We went to Wendy's for a salad and Owen played with a wrapper and a napkin for quite awhile. What if we all were so interested in such simple things...

Today we have Owen's first "artwork" hanging on the fridge. At daycare cousin Carrie had Owen "paint" his footprints on a card stock that reads, "The pitter patter of little feet Leave behind something dear and sweet. A precious treasure for me to keep, The memories of your little feet." Precious...
Over the weekend Owen had a neighbor "friend" come over and play. Can you believe that Brenna is only two weeks older than Owen? Yes, I believe she is taller by a bit. That's okay with us! Her mom and dad, Jeremy & Renee, live across the way and we had them over for Mexican lasagna...tasted great! If you're looking for a recipe...I will share! :-)

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Owen has a very similar blankie to the one I had as a a toddler...through gradeschool...and yes, it followed me through high school and college as well. Tonight was the first time he reached for it and pulled it into himself. Awe! He has been such a good boy-I'm so blessed. I was contemplating whether or not it is fair of me to say that I love him more than I've ever loved anyone or anything in my life. I decided it is fair because my love for him is so different. You see, I love my friends because they have given me their time, encouragement, and respect. I love my parents because they have cared for, nourished, and supported me from when I was a helpless baby to this very day. I love my sisters because they are just that-sisters. We have been allies and friends when the world pushed us too hard. I love my husband with a love that can only come from above that surpasses every level of committment and servitude that man may try to do alone. I love him because he is who God gave to me to share my life with and make a life with. I love Owen just because. He doesn't give me advice or have to schedule me into his life. He doesn't give me things, food, or money. He doesn't keep promises because he doesn't make any yet. He cries when he wants something and seems to demand so much of me. He doesn't understand the world enough to know when I've had a bad day, so he can't try to cheer me up with a song, dance or even a joke. But...his innocence and his giggles bring a peace to my heart and add breath to my lungs. His cries that only I can soothe melt my heart. His messy bed-head and scrunched brow (that he gets from me) make early mornings the best way to begin a day...even when he woke me up at 4:30 a.m. and I never went back to sleep. His round tummy, wiggly body, and kicking legs can make me smile just thinking about him. He just has to "be" and my love grows everyday. My heart hurts for the mothers who can't hold their little ones because of sickness or circumstantial separation. I've read and been reminded of the torture some women have endured being separated from their littles ones and watching them die. Specifically I am thinking of the children of the Holocaust. I cannot even imagine...

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Owen had his first trip down to Mall of America (MOA), and it was special because we got to see cousin Megan perform a dance routine with her school's dance team. Owen loved watching the girls dance and it got even better when Megan's group won out of 14 teams! Tyler got spit up on and poor Abby looked so tired from being at the mall all day. What a great experience for the fam though! Good luck in Florida, Megan! Uncle Mark, an avid Packer fan, was pleased to see that Owen "chose" to wear his Favre jersey for the day...Hope your drive home was a safe one--it was great to see you all!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Owen has missed his story the last two nights because he's been a bit tired, so he sat in the recliner after daycare on Friday and learned a little French and Spanish. Okay, so I put him there and propped the book in his lap, but you can still say he did it, right? And, so he doesn't read, but the pages make a fun crinkly sound. Reading can be so much fun!
Owen has been such a good little boy. He's easy to please, even though the attention span is quite short. You just have to keep him moving to the next activity, making noise with another toy, or give him a pacifier...and if all that fails...feed him. :-) He giggles when you tickle him and smiles when mom smiles. He smacks his gums to mimick someone chewing and would rather be up looking around than flat on his back. The bald spot on the back of his head is growing in, and his hair is coming in quite blonde. When Owen woke up this morning at 5:30, I spent some time with him and told him I would not trade that time for anything. Then I said it was time to get more's Saturday! He went right back to sleep, but I never did. Hmmm...Love.

Monday, January 01, 2007

HAPPY NEW YEAR, mom and dad! Here is the after picture...the before? Whew! Explosive poopy, let me tell you! Rog was holding Owen on his lap while he looked on the internet; Rog turns to me and says, " I think he pooped." As Rog stands and holds Owen up...we see, yep, poop...all down Rog's shirt. Owen was covered, too, head to toe. We stripped Owie and put him in the sink; we soaked the clothes in cold water, scrubbed the baby and put the diaper in the genie...all while dinner was cooking. What an adventure! We could not be mad, irritated, frustrated, or grossed out...look at this face! How could you? Love does crazy things to a person! :-)