Monday, April 30, 2007 closely!
I have to concentrate really hard to play this game...I just learned it yesterday...
up over the head, cover the one can see me...
PEEK A BOO & HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRAMPA PHIL! Heehee-too much fun, I tell ya! :-)
Grampa--You are 60, but you still crawl on the floor with me! Maybe next time we can play my new game!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

"Just hangin' out before church. Mom let me have a cracker because I got cranky...hmm, get cranky, get something in my mouth. hmmmm, I think I see how it works. It's warm this weekend so I got ot wear shorts! I love it! The less clothes the better, right G-G-ma???"
I also tried to give Owen a little bit of a haircut...when he's eating, he's very focused...that's when we trim nails too. :-) Maybe today we can go for another walk or go to the park! Fun times, happy times,...we are blessed.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Fun times for Owen...I was trying to fold laundry and Owen was cruisin' around, finding new things to play with. He tucked his chin and bee-lined for the pile of laundry. He made a dive and rolled in the pile. He found a wash cloth and giggled like mad. I tried to capture an ounce of the fun he had...can you see it? He is entering into that "busy" long with it last? years? That's what I hear. He moves from toy to toy, chair to couch, remote to phone, daddy to mommy...cruisin' cruisin' little hippo! He is attempting to stand on his own and walks around our toy chest. It sure must be fun to be a baby. Owen, you make my day! He was up past his bedtime, but went down wonderfully at 8:15. What a great kid...

This is my little boy! He got a bath and went to bed with this can imagine how he woke up! continues to grow!

"Yea! Daddy and I made it!"
I left for three whole nights and left my boys on their own! It was a nice respite to find time alone, but it sure was hard being without them. It was not all rest and relaxation for me, though. I was at a training for school and am really excited about the things I learned that I can use in my classroom.

I just learned today that I will be teaching all 8th grade next year-one prep! Whoo hooo! I am also dropping off the final copies of my masters capstone on Monday. Man! What a feeling!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Owen got together with Brenna over the weekend. You'd never guess that she is only two weeks older than him! She has always been so tall and long...Owen? not so much. He still has that golf out!
He defends that ball...I'm tellin' ya, watch out! :-)
There we are, playing nice. :-) He's still got that ball!
We really should visit more often with Brenna and her sweet pair-o-nuts! :-)
Brenna lives across the street with her mommy and daddy, Renee and Jeremy. Yeah, I tried to get both of them to smile at the same time...yeah, not so successful. But good times were had by all!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Only my dear Aunt Karen would notice there are teeth marks on our gate. :-) Those are not from Owen--Owen only has 1 tooth(kind of, maybe sorta two teeth) anyway. The gate was used before with Taz, who is now living with gramma mama and grampa phil where he gets to run around...they have a few gates up regardless! :-) I think everyone is happy with the current arrangement. Thanks gramma and grampa!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

We had to put up the gate cuz someone is cruisin' around! I was talking to Auntie Lori on the phone when I took this picture. Sorry for being so distracted, Lori, but you gotta see how cute he was trying to get through the gate. :-) Auntie Emmy saw Owen tonight for the first time in about a week. She thinks he grew! I'm sure he has. He's not a big fella, but he's healthy! That is all we ask for...
It has been so nice outside lately that Owen and I have gone a few times to the park that is right next to our house. Owen got to ride in the swing, go down the slide, and play in the grass! You can see in this picture that Owen is clutching something quite's a plastic golf ball. Of all his shapes and toys, he grabs and holds on to this little ball for dear life! He won't even drop it to hold his bottle! player???

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Hey You...
Guess what?...
I had a monthiversity today!
I'm 10 months old! My mom and dad are my favorite things, and I love crawling around naked! I can pull myself up on just about anything, and I only have 1 1/2 teeth! My eyes are the brightest blue that the ladies just love, and my hair is blonde. I love to ride the swing at gramma's house and eating sweet potato puffs. heehee!

Here he is! Climbing and reaching...having a ball! He doesn't care what is in his way; he wants what he wants.
Some adorable moments: he finally reached for his blankie last week for the first time. He wraps his fingers through the holes and buries his face in the softness. He giggles and smiles like he is utterly satisfied! He fell asleep hugging it tonight. Also, grampa phil wanted to give him a big bunny for Easter, but gramma mama made him get Owen a small one. It is perfect. Owen smiles when I ask him if he wants "Bunky." He grabs the little bunny and "kisses" it. What a little snuggle bug!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Easter weekend was fun with lots of family. Owen crawled and climbed and kept everyone on their toes all weekend. He's working on his second tooth and can't seem to eat enought these days. He "found" his Easter basket, but I won't let him have any candy yet. :-) We saw all the Hall's, including baby Maely, the girls, and Kate and Aaron, of course. We love time with family, and we miss them when we don't see them.

I'm sorry! I started this 2 days ago, but Owen has kept me from punching the right keys. He does like buttons, afterall.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Baby Hall number three: Maely Lu, 8lbs. 9oz., 21 inches long. We visited Kate and Maely in the hospital-of course, ,both looking as beautiful as ever! Tomorrow Owen gets to meet this new cousin. Should be lots of fun in years to come.
Today I met baby Asher: our friends Bill and Jill had their number two. Jill met a few of us out for lunch, toting both little ones. Children sure can be tiring and demanding, but we want to do this: have and raise our own. I guess that is reflection of God's sense of humor and goodness, rolled into one great miracle: Growing Life...
I have so many pictures of Owen in the sink getting his bath...but here is one of him crawling out! Yep, today was the first morning I found Owen standing in his crib and at daycare he learned how to crawl up the stairs! Yikes! Being naked is definitely Owen's favorite thing! He's realized that he goes peepee...he is startled when he accidently pees on the floor...
Last weekend Owen and I travelled with Auntie Emmy, Sash, and Diego to Gramma mama's and Grampa Phil's house to play! We had so much fun laughing and giggling and being a perfect boy. Gramma Mama did so much sneezing (just to watch Owen laugh) that she woke up with a sore neck! I'm seeing more and more of Roger in Owen these days. Hmmm...