Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Liam was up on all fours by 51/2 months and 
was crawling before we left for Family camp at 61/2 months.
The kids love watching him grow and develop!
Liam looks at Roger like he is the greatest person ever
and Roger just eats it up!
Roger just has to cough in another room
and Liam gets distracted from what he's supposed to be doing
(usually eating...)
and looks for him...

The cracks Roger up!
And makes me smile too.
We did a week of VBS with the LuLu girls...
They too ate up his smiles.

Owen had his end of the "season" baseball tournament.
So fun!

I got a kick out of his catcher's stance...
you can tell he hates it when his turn is up to try on the gear!

But he'll deal and go along with it.
This summer Liam also was so intrigued watching us eat.
I'd give him something to chew and he can pick things up...
so, we started big boy food!
He's not the best at it yet, but it's a start!

So much to see!
So much to hear!
So much to experience!
So much to take in!
He amazes me everyday in all he does,
all he wants to do,
and all he learns...each day!

Summer began...

I normally have a tough time adjusting to summer
because our schedule totally changes.
I'm used to school routine and 
the kids are used to structure.
The thing to love about summer is 
the freedom to not be structured...
But that does not work so well with Owen.
Since he was one we have struggled 
through our first few weeks of summer.
If you look back at other summer posts,
I talk about wanting to be good at staying home,
but it is a tough adjustment and I can't be something I'm not.
I have to give myself a break...and have some fun!
This year we didn't have that trouble until this past week--
the second week of July!
Well, June was full of activity and we were so busy 
doing or planning the next big thing!
Owen was driving me nuts saying 
he wanted to have a lemonade stand...
I was trying to get a baby on schedule,
it was hot,
we didn't have any lemonade...
So, I told him he had to do all the work...
He dragged a table to the end of the driveway,
set up a chair, made a sign...
At that point I felt bad.  
I baked some cookies for him to sell
and found some freezies to put in a cooler.
I'm proud...
The next day he convinced Gabby to join him...

I'm guessing they made a deal:
I'll play what you want if you do what I want...
Owen had to play "babies" with Gabby one afternoon!
I smile.
Now that's companionship!
Liam once again is asked to go along for the ride:
soccer practice, games, playground fun, etc...
He's such a good sport!
I have a feeling he'll be my comedian!
We were watching the cutest soccer player ever!
Well...she doesn't really play.
She just follows the pack and watches the ball go by.
But she sure enjoys the Popsicle at the end!

Last days of FL vacation!

There were problems with this upload from my phone 
so I had to wait til I could edit here...
Here are the last of the Florida pics!
We made sure to have a good breakfast our last day there 
because we were headed to the beach!
Now this was not my idea...too much work
all by myself...Owen suggested it and I knew the boys would love it.
we loaded up, headed out, and had a blast!
We often make our children do things that don't sound like fun,
but perhaps they do the same to us.

And in the's worth it!
Owen made a friend immediately and had quite the adventure.
Liam crawled around on the blanket
under the umbrella while I relaxed.

But his favorite was the water and waves!
He'd pat the water and put his hands in his mouth.
Salty! And he liked it!
He fell asleep while I was holding him in the water;
must have been the motion and sound of waves.
It also must have been the reflection of the water
that caused his face to turn pink!
My poor little guy!
But the next day the pink-ness had mostly subsided
and we were off for Wisconsin!
Once again my little travelers did better than I did
and Owen had to remind me to relax and stop stressing.
We made our connection (barely) and got back in good time.