Friday, February 06, 2009

In the stress of preparing for our trip to Colorado, we took some time to just "hang out." :-) I sat Gabby in the recliner and Owen just couldn't resist jumping up, rocking it, and cozy-ing up next to his little sister...She didn't mind. She kind of liked the big chair. :-) My children are not tall, but they are compact...full of goodness, laughter, and love! No pickin' on the tummies! We love every inch!
Owen wanted Gabby to jump on the trampline with him...she didn't do so well on the jumping part, but she let her brother hold her for a moment. She even rolled around on her belly with photo of that one.

When Gabby took nap, Owen tried out his new headphones...
We needed to be ready for the plane ride! Two hours...gotta love technology!

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