Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The view from here...

The sun, the warmth--even when it storms,
made me forget that the leaves are changing
in other places of our lives.
I've been reminded and, for the first time,
did miss, for a brief moment, 
the changing of the leaves.

80 Degrees at the bus stop this morning?
Still swimming every afternoon?

I truly believe there is more to our move
than warmer weather.
I don't know what that is, but I pray that I
"walk in a manner worth of the calling with which
 [I] have been called with all humility and gentleness, 
with patience, showing tolerance for one another in love..."
and yet I fail...or think I do...

My kids are forgiving and
and each day is new.
People...people are irreplaceable though.
I cannot replace what I have in MN...
I won't even try.
Yes, I've made friends here...
(we even found a babysitter and had a date the other night!)
But we will always have ties to where we began this little family of ours.
The view here is beautiful, but the view can be whatever you choose to see.
I almost always loved the view in Mn...
almost!  :-)

Sunday, September 07, 2014


Florida is hot in August, but that's why we have
air conditioning, a pool, and a very happy little boy to 
entertain us!
And the sunset out our front window is not too shabby either!


A new city,
A new home,
A new school,
New friends,
New experiences...
When I can, I will write more about what's going on.
But here's a few glimpses into our days this week...
Spending time with liam is fun...pure fun.
I usually struggle with contentment...
I've found myself quite content.
Sometimes I get a bit impatient,
but let's not go crazy and fix all inadequacies!
I'm not saying I'll never feel discontentment,
but this feels so right

And our everydays are the way they're meant to be for us.
Gabby loves riding the bus!

Moving has been a BIG job...
but I've had a great helper!
He's kept me moving and unpacking
and laughing and cleaning and smiling...
Boxes are slowly being emptied and moved out...
But this is definitely home!