Sunday, August 31, 2008


"Melissa Louise" sure did a great job taking Owen's 2nd birthday pictures. People ask why he's not in modeling...I say, time? purpose? for me or him? But, I am now convinced he needs to be entered in these contests to add to his college/education fund! so, Vote! You can go to the link below and vote for this adorable boy to win some cash. How about it! When I get home from vacation here, I will update with more recent photos. :-)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Our beautiful family...I've asked Owen whether he wants a little sister or a little brother, but I don't think the concept is clear to him. He knows where the baby is, but I don't think he quite gets it. I told him all the things he can do with a baby sister or brother: rock in the chair, read books, push the stroller, etc...Then he asks for tootsie rolls or chips & salsa. Hmmm, we'll keep trying, but now we can actually tell him that he will be having a little sister! Yep, here is our baby girl! 11 ounces big, 20 weeks (1/2 way!), and wiggling like crazy! We are excited and now we can envision even more! Names...hmmmm...

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Today's fun!...Auntie (Grauntie) Paula played with Owen in the sandbox! It must be love since she was wearing black pants! :-) Gramma Mimi, Steven and Paula came for lunch and to see our new home. We had a lovely visit!
After a three-hour nap we went to Lucas and Landon's birthday! they have a lot of toys to play with! It was lots of fun with cars, trampoline, slides, teeter-totter (that he loved until he rolled off of), and CAKE!
We then got to cuddle with daddy on the couch. Roger wanted to lie still and just have some quality time...yeah...try to get Owen to be still other than when he's sleeping! :-) He's TWO!

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Summary of what we've been doing for the past week...

I have not had time or capacity to write. In the past week we moved to a new house, unpacked, cleaned out our townhome, made lots of calls (and I'm still in the middle of all the address change stuff!), set up internet, got my car back from South Dakota, had some friends over, and enjoyed having a yard. I am finally sitting down to blog. Instead of writing too's is the basics. The house is split level, 4 bedrooms, a great new kitchen and addition off the back of the house, a fenced-in backyard with trees(!), a deck, and really close to almost everything we do and love (minus my family...). Amazingly, the only things we've bought for this new home are furniture, a new mattress, and lamps for our bedroom. We love it here and it already feels like home!
The weekend after our trip to Colorado, Cousin Loretta and her family came up to have some fun. We watched softball, played in the water, and ate some good food! It was sure great to see them up here!The day was warm so we headed to the community center and splashed and played and danced and giggled...
Kenneth is such a good big brother, cousin, and son...Owen can definitely look up to him!
Isaac and Elijah find a way to have fun and also ham it up for the camera!
Overall...yet another great time had this summer!