Thursday, October 21, 2010

Family...Words for my childrenHow do I let the itch of discontentment get under my skin and drive me to want to change what is already wonderful?
How do my eyes get too clouded to see beauty in our lives...our schedule...our routine?
Innocence...naivete...oh, to see the world with the eyes of a child...
and to forgive and love and trust as a child does...
We go through good times. We go through rough times.
We admire one another at times and get annoyed at times.
We fight.
We love and adore.
We are thankful. We are regretful.
But we prevail. Love endures...and flourishes.

If we complain of being too busy, we are filling our lives with things we don't really want to do.
If we are happy to be busy, then perhaps our lives are full of things we love...
Yes, breaking the routine, playing a game instead or going on vacation for just a bit...
we are revived and can love our days again.

Run circles around your challenges in life!
Eat, Drink and be Merry!
Buy cute clothes you are comfortable in...
or you just feel good in!

Get really close to what matters!
and tip well...don't be afraid to be generous...
Accept sloppy kisses and neck-bending hugs!
Let the simple things make you a stick to wave around or a rope to swing
Love and play with your siblings...even when they drive you nuts!
Don't just give a nod to people on the and say hello!
And don't worry if not everyone is looking at you.
You are special, beautiful, and I will always be watching you!
If (when) the day comes that you won't let me hold your hand or hold you close...
I will cherish the moments you fought for my attention and affection.
I will never be too far away to love you!
You captivate me and energize me...
You are beautiful!
God is Great.
God is Good.Always and forever