Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Gabby & Liam's First bike ride...

Maybe we went a little too far...
Gabby had a rough start to the ride and 
I kept asking if we should turn around.
But she is a determined little girl.

We made it!...there...
Coming home was a different story-
Gabby made it half way home and then dismounted.
Good thing nanny was with us.
She waited with Gabby until Roger drove the 1/3 mile to pick them up.
I had to race to catch up with Owen, who had taken off without me.

Once again, Liam just hung out.
Went along for the ride.
I hear that about 3rd/last born...

Monday, April 29, 2013

Some Fun...

 When the weather was still tricking us and throwing snow our way,
the kids found a new game.
No, not a new game, but an old game that was NEW to them!

 Liam just loves hanging out...
with brother and sister,
on the kitchen table...

 When the weather did get warmer,
Liam and I took our first walk over to Nanny's!
So nice to be outside!!!
And then...
we got another bike-rider in the family!

I told Gabby that when she can start and stop on her own,
we can take a bike ride to Nanny's.
I can't wait!


I wish I would have caught them sooner, but I thought this was so cute.
Owen was trying to teach Gabby how to catch.
Granted, she acts helpless, like she doesn't know how.
He is patient and gently corrects her...
some of the time

Gabby...my reader.
She wants to read so bad and so we are working on it.
You might even think she is reading here.
She's just that good at pretending!
She makes up stories all the time!

If she knows the story, her story sounds similar.
But, if she's never heard it before, she just makes up any old tale!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Winter in Springtime??

Why do we live here?
The answer is easy.
Sure, we could move somewhere warm where we have OTHER family, 
but we started a root system here where there is also family.
That is a good enough reason.

I know I take it for granted 
(because I don't know anything different)
that I have people who can come over anytime, any day.
I have a dedicated, loyal, & eager babysitter (Nanny), 
she doesn't charge us either!
a 15-year old "in-training" babysitter (Katy),
can't beat $2/hour/kid!
a late-night babysitter (gramma mimi!), 
nope, no charge, done out of love!
church family that loves watching our kids grow...already,
extended family that invites us to all their parties and gatherings 
(Abelers, Regers, Enfield & Bakke Clans!), 
and cousins who just love to party (LuLu girls, Lukas & Landon...!).
And there's more--
loving volunteers at church and
workers at the health club love my kids too!
Our home doesn't even keep us here because 
we could have a different house just down the street 
or across town and still be happy.
And...another positive side of living here:
That's when I finally can get my house clean!
The kids can "love" the snow for one more day...

and love each other just a bit more because...
the irony that fights draw us closer at times!
And, being cooped up all winter, the kids have bonded like crazy!
Fighting like enemies but loving like best of friends!
And, a little face to giggle from the "bleachers,"
But today????!!!!!
Almost 70 degrees and sunny!
The snow will melt...finally!
Sunny and warm tomorrow...
the sun will come out tomorrow...
bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow,
there'll be sun...just thinking about

Monday, April 22, 2013

Baby Steps...to giant leaps

My little guy makes me smile, but I can't believe how big he is already.
Me and my brother!
When Owen was a baby, I was afraid of him getting big...
because I didn't know that every stage was just as fun
(along with new challenges, of course!)

But, with Gabby, I knew what the next stage was
so I was not so worried about her growing.

Perhaps I wished things too quickly with her...
(if you can't tell from the video, she is pretending to be a chiropractor...she calls this "doctoring" and I get adjustments more often than I generally  need!  :-)
Now, with Liam, I have caught myself afraid 
that I am not savoring "this stage" enough.
Mom got her hair cut!  Now I can't grab so easily...

I am so much better (or getting better) about stopping, hugging, sitting,
loving, playing, squishing, talking, smiling, tickling,
and all that fun stuff that you do with babies.

Me and my dad!
It kind of makes me remember to stop and enjoy all my kids
in the stage and manner they are right now
"I found my toes!"

right now.
no now.
Time goes so fast!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Florida Trip

I think this is from a year ago...I think I may need to go back and look to see if I posted about this...if not...I just may add some!  :-)

Something to smile about...

Owen loves holding his baby brother.
He picks him up, carries him around, makes him smile, 
and enjoys it!
Liam is not as leery of Owen as he is of Gabby.
Maybe that's because GAbby has a bit more jealousy.
She loves him and wants to help, but
at the same time, she wants the attention he gets.

She too wants to hold him but would just as soon 
throw him off her lap
and/or bonk him on the head.
We have to watch that girl!
Or...just love her as much as we can and give her what she needs/wants so badly.
It's so hard for me when she starts "demanding" attention:
she whines and whimpers like she thinks a baby does,
she puts on her own diapers,
she walks and falls like she's just learning how,
and...she sometimes talks in stunted and stinted sentences.
Forced regression on her part to the max.
I sigh.
Back to loving her more and more...my middle and my girl.
And then there's...
Sweet Little One
I am so blessed with such a precious, low-key, content little boy.
He hangs out and only yells if he's ignored too long...
but that is because he loves to smile and giggle and that's more fun 
than looking at or playing with a bunch of swinging toys
or sucking on fingers or stuffed animals that squeak.
I would have to agree.
I joke with the kids that Liam wins the award...
but that's only because he hasn't started talking (back),
whining, yelling, running around,
messing up the house, throwing his food,
wiping his hands on the couch or wall (whichever is closest),
or disobeying...
Oh...I can wait for that...for just a bit longer!
Once again, how much can I love...and show it!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


 So...a highlight of my AWANA experience was always...
AWANA Olympics!
However, I never did "Sparks-o-Rama"...
I guess it is the Sparky version of Awana Oympics.
I was somewhat looking forward to supporting Owen 
and showing how much fun it could be.

 My little guy was so worried about not doing well or making a mistake 
that he almost cried before the games even began.
Although, we talked him off the ledge and
he played his heart out...
 and cheered on his team.
We had to be there an hour early because Roger was "Coach"...
needless to say, with a 4-year old and a 4-month old in tow,
I was not the happiest of the cheer section.

 At least Gabby had a little friend.
The team was not the most organized or strategic,
so it was hard to watch Owen be disappointed at a loss.
but, that is life.

 They all got ribbons and a patch for their uniform...
that was good enough for Owen.
I think some of the ornery attitudes came on because Gabby was getting over being sick and Owen came down with Strep that afternoon.
And Momma?
Not sick but very sleep deprived.
Why is sleep so vital for happiness?
I just hope my kids' grace continues to extend to me...
I love them so, but they drive me crazy some days!

Monday, April 01, 2013

Just a few from Easter

 I took the kids to get haircuts and 
I asked Deb what she would do with Liam's little mop.
She worked her magic and didn't charge me.
She cleaned up the little guys comb-over and mullet--
in some places, she said she took an inch!
 I have a couple of kids who don't like to dress up.
If Owen wears a collared shirt with something other than sweatpants, 
he's dressed to the nines!
If Gabby wears a dress and keeps barrettes in her hair,
she's all dolled up!
 So when I got them as dressed up as they'd get,
I said, "now get on the couch with baskets and smile!"
Granted, Owen is wearing shorts and 
Gabby is wearing mismatched pants under her pretty dress.
At least the barrettes stayed in until Sunday school!
Then...we had lunch at the Hall's!
 Everyone took turns with the little man...
Liam had a really good time with Poppa Steve...
They chatted and giggled like no one's business.

 You should have heard Poppa giggle!
(I'll get the video up when I get home!)
 SOME even fought over who could hold him while I ate...
(Katy and Nanny!)
I smile...
Then, yes, the Easter bunny made yet another trip...

 Liam got a sand bucket with some goodies in it.
 The other kids got a bit more, but no candy!
Well, one chocolate bunny, but that was it!
Very proud of that bunny!
It was a bit cold for Easter, but we took a walk regardless.
 Fresh air and moving my body was just what I needed.

Somebody got to just chill and take a nap!
Bit by bit, more grass is showing.
Owen seems to be counting each blade of grass that emerges.
It's soooooo hard to be patient!

Just Hangin' Out

Yep...I'm round

Me and My Cuz...Playin', Ipad style!

Hangin' with Mom...yep, I''m a marshmallow

Pretty Little Liar

The other day I heard Gabby telling her cousin a story:
"My friend at school, she's two.
Her names Becca and she is my mom's cousin..."
That's what I remember her saying, but it seemed to take her 5 minutes to tell that story.
I don't remember what about Becca or what happened, 
but I do know this:
Gabby is a true story teller!
She doesn't go to school-she goes to daycare.
Her friend at daycare that's two is named Annabelle, not Becca.
I don't have a two-year old cousin.
I don't have a cousin named Becca.
I don't know where she pulled all that from.
I am in so much trouble.
Good thing her lies are obvious now...