Monday, March 30, 2009

Hunter, Gabby, and Logan...three of the newest Reger's!HALF WAY THERE!...
No, not our little family, but our big family...extended family, is what I mean...
in the span of 7 months, 6 new "Regers" have been/will be born to join the five under five already here of this generation.
Three have already made their appearance, three have yet to come.
Two more are due in May and one more in July.
So, from December to July, Great Grandma Gerry and Great Grampa Roger will have more great grand children than grand children...I believe. :-)
What a legacy!

Friday, March 27, 2009

HAVING FUN WITH OWEN...What a character! wearing my boots, and yes, no pants. What a surprise!The other day he "built" a "nest" out of couch pillows. He pulled in two blankets, a few toys, and then started "reading" a book to Bear ( his little brown bear). He is playing pretend and imagining things lots lately.
He cracks me up when he says with all seriousness...
"Are you hungry?"
"Pigs don't fly!"
"I can't find it anywhere."
"Are there treats in there?"
"What's in there?...Let me see."
"There's crumbs needs to vacuum/sweep."

He's a little boy...curious, silly, loud, busy, testing, loving, dirty, hungry, messy, active, hitting, banging sticks on something, hugging/smooshing baby sister, pantless, pushing...need I say more? ( I can...really, I can...)

Gabby was napping. Owen woke up. I was playing with my camera...he wanted to play too...

Owen's pouty face...

Owen's "serious" face...

"See my gum?! Red gum!"

his latest: he closes his eyes and says, "don't wake me up!"

attempt at making a silly face.
I return to work in one week. :-(
I sure hope I indulged and enjoyed these 15 weeks at home...yes, 15 weeks for a 12-week leave of absence? Can't beat that! Just two months to teach (4th quarter) and then I get summer break! Yes, I love being a teacher!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Owen...practicing his Kung Fu skills ( like Kung Fu Panda) on his sippy cup...what do we have in our future???Roger and I spent our "date" night on Friday with the youth from our church for their annual formal...we were served dinner and laughed to our favorite comedian: Brian Regan! usual...sitting pretty and just being content...she had her first visit to Lifetime Fitness child center and was a hit. She had lots of admirers and they loved how she was so happy and smiled so much. When it was time to go, Owen ran over to the swing that Gabby was playing in and she smiled at the sight of him. It was sweet to see. :-)

Monday, March 09, 2009

It was so fun going to Florida with the kids! Yes, fun! I had so many outfits that Gabby could only wear if we went somewhere warm, so it was all worth it! :-) heehee
Purple and Pink!

Green & Blue!

We basked in the sun...
Splashed in the pool...
Went to the park...
Went to the beach...

Made friends with a boy named jake who shared his toys with Owen...
Had fun with Auntie Lori...

Celebrated Gramma Momma's 60th Birthday
Went to the acquarium...all of us stayed awake for it except Gabby! :-)

Owen kept saying, "I want to see more!" after only staying at one place for a few seconds.

"Monkey" was a huge hit too!
Huge fish...


skinny fish, fat fish...

Auntie Lori showed us all of it!

The sun even came out after the morning's shower so Owen could play outside for a bit.

Now do you believe me? It really was wonderful and FUN!

Thank you Gramma Momma, Auntie Lori, Great Aunt Vivi and Uncle Jim, and Gramma Mimi! We love you and miss you so much!

EXPERIENCES NEVER TO FORGET! Grampa was ecstatic when Owen asked to help grampa in the barn. Grampa needed to move snow off the driveway and Owen didn't hesitate to get on the "digger" with Grampa. He is still talking about it..."he" being owen...okay, grampa still hasn't stopped talking about it either!
We visited Grampa at work and he took us to a place he hopes to do a job at (and it is the office of a dear friend from church). Inside the office entryway is a collection of the company's owner's finds and prizes from his hunting excursions all over the world. I was impressed...I can't imagine what Owen was thinking...seeing elephants, lions, bears, buffalo, hippo, crocadile, etc, all up close.
The elephant is only the front half and the tusks are not real ( they had to leave those...)

Imagine having a conference in this office...
How do they get any talking done?? :-)

Some exhibits were very interesting, but it was all very life-like!

Just touching!

Owen loved the animals because he could get so close!