Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The first picture in my previous entry...I'm surprised Aunt Karen hasn't commented on lately...I say Owen is silly because it takes quite a bit of silliness to smile like that while wearing a diaper on your head! Ever try it? :-) Owen is having so much fun walking and Momma is having a blast letting him, he gets to go down and up the stairs and in and out of the front door upon leaving and coming. He sometimes heads in the direction of the park rather than the car or he sits down on the door frame, but eventually we get to where we are headed!
Tonight we went to visit Auntie Emmy at her reception at Abeler Chiropractic Clinic. She has taken a job with Standard Process in Wisconsin, so she will be leaving us. :-( Owen is just getting to where he smiles and goes to her when he sees her and cries when she leaves. He loves his Auntie Emmy...he even says "emmi" when I tell him "we're going to see Auntie Emmy!"

I am losing a friend as well. I know we will always be friends, but getting together for coffee or a pathetic round of golf (which has gotten better over this summer!) will be a bit tougher and will have to be planned well in advance. I am happy for her and can't wait to see her little cottage in the woods, but I am sad to see her is little punkin' pants!

Thanks gramma momma for the camera...we are figuring it out, but we forgot to take it tonight to see Auntie emmy. My camera is sitting in "receiving" in Best Buy (or something like that!) and so I can't get it back yet. I still have no idea if it will be fixed or if the damage is "covered". Ugh!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Gramma momma brought a camera up last weekend for us to use, but I couldn't figure it out after she left. Tonight I decided to hook it up to the computer to see what I could do. I found a few pictures we took over the weekend when she and grampa phil were here. I truly have a goofy pants for a little boy! He is such a ham!

I hug and kiss and squeeze him all I can. Especially of today, my school year has begun! He is my little buddy. We still have tons of fun when I pick him up. Tonight we went to Cobourn's and the park with daddy. Owen has fun walking everywhere, so you can imagine how much longer everything takes! :-) He has been splashing in the bath lately and the funniest thing ever...he grabs a wipe and "helps" me when I change him. He is such a fast learner!

Friday, August 17, 2007

I have created two posts with pictures from Granny Nanny! She is sure handy with her throw-away cameras! Thanks for the copies! :-) And...gramma mamma is bringing a spare digital camera for us to use while ours is getting fixed! yipeeee!
One visit to Auntie Kate's we had breakfast with the girls and Owen got to hold baby Maely. Maely is already almost 5 months old! Whew! Time flies!
Another time we visited Granny Nanny for breakfast and the Auntie Kate's girls had slept over. So, we played and sipped our cups and had tons of fun for a little bit that morning too!
Last Saturday I had a training all day and Rog was invited to be in a golf tournament with the company boss. So...Owen got to play all day! These are pictures Granny Nanny took of their fun times together. :-)
Climbing and standing on top of the play set...
Watering the flowers for Gramma... guess Owen figured he could go down the ramp that the cars go down on this little toy. I think he thought it was a slide! Goofy kid!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

SURPRISE! Yep, it was as much of a surprise to me as it is to you...I went to Best Buy and their computers were down so they couldn't tell if I had "the plan" to get it fixed, but I also tried to show them the problem and the camera worked just fine! Then Owen and I went to the park and it malfunctioned again! I pushed buttons and put it on another setting so when I tried again an hour later inside, it turned out a bit vintage-looking. :-) I called last night to see if the computers were up again and found out it may take up to ten days to get my camera fixed!!!!...but I have "the plan" so it wouldn't cost anything! :-) I took these pictures because Owen put himself on his little bike for the first time! I turned around and he was just hangin' around! This smiley one was funny: he
was shaking his head laughing! I took it while he was in motion and it snapped right at
the right time.
Last night Roger and I went to dinner and a movie-Bourne Ultimatum! Fantastic Moive!!!-Great Gramma Mimi came over to play. She said he was so good; he just toddled around smiling and amusing himself with his toys. That makes me so happy! She said the only time he whimpered just a little was when he got stuck under one of our stools. She tried telling him that he crawled in there so he should just crawl back out...guess he didn't get it. :-) She helped him out and they were fine the rest of the night.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Big Problem...I must have dropped my camera too many times last weekend because I think it's broken. I have to go to Best Buy and see if I can replace it or get it fixed...we'll see what kind of protection I bought with the camera! :-) I will try to upload Photos as soon as I can!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Wanted to try this...
take a look at this site-I voted for 21 Jump street! :-)
Best School TV Shows Poll - AOL Television

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


In Big Bend, Wisconsin...uh...yep, Big Bend! :-)
Owen stayed home with gramma and grampa while Roger and I painted the town with some old high school friends. Not everyone was there, but those who were gave me new memories to hold. Here are just a few of the good times we had.

Amanda ("Hugginkiss") and her husband Joel with Roger and me...Their anniversary is one week after ours in December!
Dear, Dear Friends of mine: Nate and Becky...she refused to take a serious picture! :-) But Nate is all always!
My 8th grade boyfriend and my junior year prom date...we've all changed...haven't we? It was good to reminisce!
Just me and some of the guys...
Here's DONNA!
Two were glowing and within weeks of their due date! Linnea's first and Anne's third (she has 5-year-old twin girls!)Curt Anderson is actually living here in Minneapolis with his wife!
Angela Caracci (and a new last name) lives a bit closer to home with her husband...awwww!
Old friends reunite!

Memories shared with Ian and Tom (and his girlfriend)...Whew! Time flies!

Connie lives with her new husband in Waukesha and survives with Leukemia each day. She seems to be doing alright one year into both the marriange and Leukemia, but the road ahead is long. She is loved and has tons of support-Pete is a wonderful guy! I wish her the best!

Thanks gramma and grampa for loving Owen, taking him for walks, playing blocks with him, and putting him to bed when he "said" he was tired. I hope he wasn't too much trouble! :-)

I swear I did not put Owen by his books, nor did I make him pick one and start "reading." I was actually around the corner when I heard him "talking" and found him paging through the book. He has figured out right-side-up and turns the pages right to left...the correct way! :-) I'm not saying he is a genius or that he will be a reader, but I love to see him trying and learning new things...

Last weekend at Gramma Momma and Grampa Phil's, Owen was trying out four-wheeling! A friend of the family dropped off a few toys that her kids have outgrown. This little four-wheeler has a battery-powered "engine" and he pushes the button to cruise around! So, we have to work on steering, but he is well on his way to driving...and he's younger than I was! :-)

Friday, August 03, 2007

Sometimes owen is such a Momma's boy and whimpers for me...other times, he just sits back, relaxes, and takes in all the world has to offer. He has to really like you, though! :-) It also helps if you have something for him to eat...

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

A few more pictures from the family reunion...another activity...Owen at play! :-)The family would like to think this belly is hereditary...I think it's adorable! Owen is taking it all in...wonderin' what to get into next...

Hmmmm...what's this? I think I know how this works. I saw Daddy doing this yesterday...
Um...this is tougher than it looks! how come dad made it look so easy?

This is more like I holding it right? hmmm...where did that ball go?

Roger has always loved my hair...but I was looking to do something a bit different. I showed him some pictures, prepped him for the outcome, and went to get the cut today. Of course he loves it still...he says, "my sweet angel looks like an angel!" It's fun...I like it...
We are all safe...our little family, that is. A major highway bridge has collapsed, but we were not near the catastrophe. 35W fell into the many times I have crossed that bridge...Roger and I were engaged not far away from that spot...50 cars in the water...6 fatalities so far confirmed...I am guessing more will be found by sunrise. It is dark now. Owen is sound asleep. He did not hear the storm pass over or hear the sad news on TV. His innocence will protect him for tonight. I took this picture yesterday. Each day I look at him and believe he is more beautiful than the last time I looked. I may be biased or it may be my love speaking, but I feel so blessed to have a sweet, beautiful (yes, beautiful) little boy. I pray each day for wisdom and guidance to lead him and teach him in the best way. I also pray for his heart to be tenderized and full of love. What successes will he have? What mistakes will he make? What age will he live to be? Who will he love? Who will love him? So many questions whose answers will be a long time coming...