Sunday, July 30, 2006

We were reunited with Papa Rog and were a family again! We took the dogs for a walk, but the heat was almost too much. Roger blessed me with another morning to sleep a bit later--he fed Owen breakfast from a bottle and put him back down to sleep. We were all just that much more rested for a whole day-Sunday, together!

Our "vacation" ended with a trip to Bayfield, Wisconsin, where we were greeted by Great Grampa Howard and Ruby. We had a nice fish dinner, then Owen woke up and we headed to their beautiful home that overlooks Lake Superior. We slept quite well, considering there was a pounding thunder storm for most of the night, and woke to a wet but peaceful Saturday morning.

I have said, I cannot say in words how dear some friends are to me. Once again, no matter the distance or time, Mr. Rebz has always been one of those friends and a light in my day who never fails to encourage me. You will never meet a man who can meet, greet, and encourage so easily with just a handshake and a smile, and I am glad Owen has the opportunity to meet people like Greg who have touched my life so deeply. I know Greg's light comes from his savior, Jesus Christ, but it takes a man of character to let that light shine so bright. He lives his life like a man who knows all blessings come from above.

We finally got our chance to go for a dip. Is that a smile I see on Owen's face? It sure was exciting to share one of my favorite things with Owen: swimming! He never cried or wanted out-he was as comfortable as can be! As soon as we decided it was time to get out, the temperature dropped and a storm blew in. There even was a tornado warning and we had to head to the basement! Soon it was all over, but we never got to get back in. These days I wish we had a pool!

Special moments...I overheard someone ask the question..."What does it take to make a grown man cry?" Owen seemed to smile or giggle whenever Grampa Phil talked to him...was it true "baby" talk? Early morning breakfasts and lunchtime "conversations" were baby Owen's and Grampa's special times. I got to sleep in and eat a peaceful meal during these times too. Precious. Moments to hold forever...when Owen is grown, I hope he can experience this with his own children and grandchildren...

Thursday, July 27, 2006

After our wonderful time with Gr-Auntie Paula, we spent a bit of time, and only a few dollars, at Carter's and The Children's Place Outlet stores...dreaming about what Owen will fit in this fall...winter...spring...and next summer! It sure is fun but very hard to tell what size he'll be.
I went to get the car and, leave it to Gramma Mama, she found a toy for Owen to play in. She said the horn beeped, but she resisted putting the coins in to get the ride going...I just had to take their picture. :-)
I have been made aware that a "great aunt" is called a Gr-auntie, and today Owen met Gr-auntie Paula for the first time. Paula was as happy as can be to show off her new nephew to the neighboring table at Pine Cone Restaurant. She filled them in on how old he was and who she was and how he is her great nephew and all that fun information. We really had a nice time with Paula and were glad to hear how busy she is keeping-she says she loves her life and what she is doing-. If only more people in the world could truly say they loved what they do...and look as great as she does too!
I cherish the friendships that never dull, even when time and distance keep us apart. Some of those dear ones we see more rarely than once a year, but those rare times are oh-so precious. Michelle and I have actually grown to be better friends as we grew up and chose to live in different states. We both have a little one now...her Kylie is seven months older than Owen. It also was Michelle and her mother who gave a sweet devotional at my shower which was held in this lovely home. We all got to visit for a bit yesterday afternoon.
Cherished friends...cherished moments.
Here was our trip to Starbucks! Gramma Mama got the and Owen had none! We had two orders of iced soy latte with a shot of sugar-free decaf with breastmilk to go! Heehee...what else do you do with an hour to kill?

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Today we had a picnic in the front yard! We took a walk, went for a swim, went to Walgreens, sat in Starbucks for awhile, stopped at Target...overall had a great day! Owen is so interested in the world around him that he favors sitting up (with a bit of help); in other words, he likes to be held so he can watch the world go by. He's not about to take anything lying down!
Literally and figuratively!

Monday evening was fun time with Grampa Phil once he returned from a hard day at work. Swimming, sunning, sleeping, enjoying being loved... many of our favorite activities! Owen even has his own swimmy trunks, but he wasn't quite ready to jump in yet. Soon enough we'll have him splashing & jumping & diving in the pool.

There is something peaceful about being able to hear the wind blow and the birds chirp. Owen is experiencing a brand new place and is handling it well. He seems to take time to "smell the flowers" and take in the nature all around us here at "Cherith Oaks" (a.k.a. "Camp Larsen"). On Monday he got to take a walk, or two, with Gramma Mama and take a nap, or two, on the porch. At six weeks he is quite steady and he did one and a half pushups while resting with mom! :-)

Before we left for Camp Larsen, we had to call Granny Nanny and Grampa Steve to come and say Good-bye because neither has gone a week without seeing little "O". After they left, Owen got to try a few slurps of his first cereal. Very diluted, but he seemed to like it!
To all of Owen's faithful "fans," FORGIVE ME for not updating sooner! The weekend was full of time with Gramma Mama and Grampa Phil, and then Rachel and Owen were swept away to spend the week at Camp Larsen in Wisconsin-today we finally got some pictures put on a CD so we could show them to you here. In this photo we stopped at a rest area to take a stretch, walk the dog, feed the baby, and empty our "tanks." The drive was very nice and leisurely, and we arrived at our destination Sunday evening. What a beautiful day for a drive!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Either Owen is really not feeling well or he is sure getting used to all that spoiling! I couldn't get anything done around the house and he sure was getting fussy, so I called in the troops! Actually...super Granny Nanny came to the rescue! Always looking for the opportunity to sing and play patticake and rock and bounce her favorite grandson, Nancy came over and I was able to fold about six loads of laundry, put it all away, go get adjusted by MB, and finally clean that gross crud that was accumulating around the drain. By that time...Owen was happy, mom was happy, and granny nanny had got her fill...for now. :-) We are so blessed...all of us!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I have been reading that you cannot spoil a newborn by loving and holding him too much. That makes me feel better because Owen is then loved very much. He is ccuddled and rocked and kissed and hugged by all the family that can't seem to take their hands off of him. Auntie Emmy is guilty of hugging and kissing and squeezing him...'til he she is caught in the act! Owen does not seem to mind-he coos and cahs and smiles at the sound of her voice, so I suppose he'll let her babysit again!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Yesterday we pulled out an outfit that is oh-so-close to fitting! The hat is a wee bit big, but the shoes are lookin' good! He's our little Rookie!
Some more pictures of our night out without little "O"...

Our first Saturday night "date!" Auntie Emmy babysat little Owen while "mom" and "dad" hit the town--actually, just the reception for a bit of buffet and good dancing! It was nice to get away, but Little One was missed. The night went well for everyone...we so believe. :-)
Thanks Mary Beth!

Friday, July 14, 2006

Asleep...Awake...Asleep...Awake... We spend our days just enjoying what we have...time. Owen truly is growing fast and seems to be a happy baby. Today we had a chiropractic appointment, and then we went bra shopping. Very exciting.

To the left we have Owen's new pillow...ok, so mom uses it too! To the right we have sleepy Owen on the verge of waking up. He had his itty bitty chin resting on his itty bitty hand-of course we had to capture it on film!

I know a mother's love is not conditional on how cute her child is. However, I have found that it does not matter if Owen is crying, screaming, gazing, throwing his wobbly head around, sleeping, coohing or cahing, he truly is beautiful to me. It sure makes those late night/ early morning awake hours seem oh-not-so-bad. His many expressions don't give me a hint as to what might be going through his little head, and I don't know if he really knows what a smile is...even though he does do that quite a bit. But, my love looks forward to growing with him as he becomes what God has planned in the days, months, and years ahead.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

We tried to take another shot, but someone got crabby. I wanted y'all to see his name so carefully painted on the chair. But, it just so happened we were trying to do this at the end of a very long day of shopping, sleeping, getting stranded because "mom" lost the car key in a store and we had to search for it for over an hour...etc! Anyway, after we got fed, changed, and put into our jammies, that special little "someone" was a sleepy little looks happy too!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Little Owen James was born one whole month ago! He was sung "happy birthday" (or a version of it) three times today! He is "sitting" in his rocker that was so lovingly painted & stenciled by his kissing and hugging Auntie Emmy. It reads "Owen James" & his birthdate too!

"Auntie" Jenn came over and spent the afternoon with us. She believes she got the "whole baby experience"--she held, rocked, changed, kissed, and hugged our little one. Who wouldn't love babies after a day like that??? :-)

It sure was nice just to spend some quality time with a wonderful and beautiful friend!

Monday, July 10, 2006

...and post bathtime is also fun! Everyone is fluffy and happy and smiling for the camera...until someone gets hungry...again! :-) This outfit was put on at 10 pm and lasted until 1:30 in the morning. Oh well...It also seems that each time we wash the hair, a little color goes with it. I think it will be blonde before we know it!
Hmmm.....Bathtime is fun!
" Life sure is rough! Eatin' is the bomb!!... sleeps okay, poopin' gets me kinda cranky, and mom thinks I'm gettin' chubby! I think I'm just fillin' out my skin! I hear baby fat is cute! My hair is quite a bit greasier today than this picture...I need a bath bad! I miss grandma and grandpa because they like to hold me ALL THE TIME. Mom keeps tryin' to put me down...I let her know that we need to negotiate the amount of time I want to be held and the amount of time she is able to hold me. Hey...she's got nothin' better to do...right??"

Many hours have been spent sitting, rocking, sleeping, feeding, burping, and this chair in Owen's room. And yes, I was talking about Me hanging out doing those things with Owen. Most of those hours are in the middle of the night, so when rog woke up at 5 or 6...he thought it was so "cute"...he took this picture.

Friday, July 07, 2006

"Hangin' out in the sun with the fam! Can't beat napping in the fresh air at a beautiful Fourth of July picnic! Whenever I need a bit of mom time though...I am sure to get it!!! I perhaps am a bit spoiled, but mom is hoping I will outgrow it. Heehee!"

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Spending time outside was a good time had by all over the Holiday weekend! When Owen was not in his pack-n-play, he was wearing his daddy's hat. The sun was hot, the food was good, and the company...spledid! Owen was not a big fan of the fireworks so we turned in early, but this did not cut short father-son time at Owen sleeps with his arms "wrapped" around Roger. Can this feeling ever be replicated???

Owen managed to spit up on, throw up on, poop and/or pee on (and at), almost all the members of the Larsen clan that visited over the holiday. Auntie Julie took clean-up seriously and did a fantastic job! It even looks like both are having fun here!
All the Larsen sisters/Aunts are wonderful with Owen and I don't doubt that those three will be wonderful mothers themselves...someday. Imagine that: Owen having cousins as fun as their mothers! Hmmmmmmmmmm... won't that be a time to share!

While the girls were working out, great gramma mimi and Owen hung out a bit. She sure loves holding this little wiggly worm. Living so close to great gramma, we should make it over there more often. Sorry g-g-ma!
We have been way too busy to update for the past came and offered more love and help than ever one could ask for. We had a great time playing soccer, tennis, and the new game called "Who's the favorite auntie?" We also had our fair share of eating, drinking and being merry with each other. We picknicked, went to the beach, celebrated a birth and a birthday, and watched fireworks too. When you don't see loved ones often, you have to do it all when a gathering does appear. We may have drama, but no one will ever say we don't love each other or that we don't know how to have a bit of fun!