Friday, June 27, 2008

The other day we went out to meet my friend Catie for "coffee" and to chat. Owen brought his bag of toys with! Gramma Mimi made him this bag for his Birthday and we love it!Yesterday was an exciting milestone: Owen went peepee on the potty! It all started with Owen hanging out naked after pool time. He was asking for a cookie and I said no...he got mad at me, gave me the look, and started to pee on the floor in front of me. I said, "stop!" and he did. We went to the bathroom and put a stool in front of the potty and I said, "okay, go peepee in the potty!" And he did! So fun! :-) I guess there is something to say about letting your kids run around naked!

Last weekend was a time of having fun with Auntie Emmy! We did so much and had so much fun together. Gee, we sure do miss her...
We swang (is that a word???)

We smiled and giggled lots!

And we even saw "Big Guy"!!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Eating toast and drinking milk in my new pajamas!!! Thanks Granny Nanny and Papa Steve!
Cheese! I wore this new outfit to the zoo today! Thanks Gramma Momma and Grampa Phil!

Last Saturday was Owen big CELEBRATION DAY! On Saturday morning we went to Gramma Mimi's for breakfast and went to the park to play!Owen climbed...
Played Basketball with Grampa...
Owen played with his new golf clubs that he will have to grow into...
And...helped Gramma Mimi water her flowers!
Saturday AFTERNOON we went to a penny carnival at church!

Daddy and Owen ate popcorn...
Owen paid 2 pennies to throw the bean bag through the hole...don' t worry, he did back up and throw with all his might too!
He even got to jump in the bounce house with his cousins!
Dunking Jeff in the tank was tons of fun! Owen paid a few pennies for three balls but he took the liberty to go pick up each ball and proceed to throw at least 18 times!
Luke was so wonderful to let Owen move the ball closer to the hole and then work on Owen's technique. :-)

Saturday NIGHT we headed to Granny Nanny and Grampa Steve's house for a party! About 20 people came and ate, played, talked, and more!

Owen Blew some bubbles...

Got excited about cake...

Blew out candles...

Got really messy eating a WHOLE PIECE of ice cream cake...

Over all it was a great Birthday celebration. Thanks to all who wished Owen a happy one and may another year bring so much fun!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Last weekend Owen's Birthday continued to be celebrated in style. On Friday was a parade taht he was in last year but slept though the whole thing. this year was so much fun!!
Here he stood still long enough for the marching band to go by!
There was a float that spewed fire and so he was a little frightened. No worries! Momma was there!
At first Owen wasn't quick enough to get any candy before the other kids got it, but after awhile, he learned to be quite quick and to get momma the good stuff!
Lollipops were he favorite!
He shared so nicely! Only one piece of candy actually made it to his mouth. A red and white peppermint that made him reconsider...

Thursday, June 12, 2008

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! This morning we went to the park to meet cousins cali, emmi, and maely for a picnic! We had so much fun and left around 11:45...Owen was asleep within 10 minutes of leaving. He's napping a bit early today just so he can party more later! :-)
We had so much fun climbing, sliding, throwing balls, playing with chalk, swinging, eating, and more! Fun times had by all on this beautiful sunshiny day!
(If you want to see Owen's adorable 2-year-old pictures, go to website, proofing, password Reger. So Wonderful, Birthday boy!)

Monday, June 09, 2008

Daddy and Mommy always find some reason to "celebrate" and to go get a treat. I got to have one too this time! I did share a few bites, but I sure made a mess along the way!
Hmmmmmm...this sure is good! I wonder if I get more! :-) (always asking for more)

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Little boy and his momma. Owen is learning so much about being a good boy, using nice words, and asking for things politely. However, sometimes he forgets and screams and whines and throws things. Don't we all, in some sort of way though? :-) He listens to reminders and "time out" is working wonders. We had 2-year-old pictures done last week and he was such a "model" kid. He did what he was asked, smiled, and even giggled for us a few times. she blew bubbles and gave him jelly bellies, but whatever it takes, hey? I have three more days left of work and my first full day off is Owen's Birthday! I will have to plan a very special day for my little boy. Last week the lady in the nursery at church was so impressed because Owen knew all of his colors. He just loves to learn and works hard at talking. I see so much of Roger in him, but I can't help but see some of me too. Can you see it too???