Friday, December 30, 2011 dear Princess

 I didn't blog about Christmas yet,
and I haven't wished my little princess Happy 3rd Birthday (via blog) yet.
Yes, she had a party.
yes, she got sung to on the date.
But a tribute here?
Here we go:
First, let me say,
She is still reluctant to do #2 on the pot,
She is my "alarm clock,"
She is probably up to something right now because it's too quiet where she is,
She draws on my walls,
and throws her peas on the floor.
 She is also my postitive energy fill-up station.
She wiggles, giggles, and instigates.
She's a dancer, hopper, twirler, lover.

 She has a look of innocence, but she usually wants to get away with something...
and finds a way to as well!
She can hold a straight face.
She can fake sleep and fake cry better than anyone I know.
 She croaks out, "hello" in a greeting,
but my favorite is how
she wraps her arms around me and says,
"I love you!"

 She is irresistible, charming, and silly.
She's a button-pusher:  on phones, computers, and remotes
but also on people--she knows just how to get you goin.'
Wonder where she learned that ????
 She loves to be naked, to climb, to paint her nails...
She doesn't say "pick me up" or just "up."
She says, "I want to hold you!"

 She makes Gramma's melt and Grampa's giggle.
 She gets Daddy to swing her upside-down
and momma to "rock-a-baby in the tree house."
 She loves babies, boys, and being stubborn.
 She loves anything "princess" but won't wear dresses these days.
Some days she likes pink, and some days she doesn't.
 She wanted a "princess" dress for her party and wore one the night before.
But the day of the party she no longer wanted it...because it was pink.
 She is my "baby-doll"
 She loves her cousins, brother, aunts, uncles, and gramma's and grampa's...
she talks about them all the time.
 She loves cake and sweets but asks for nuts for dessert.
She doesn't like long with that last????
 She feeds, kisses, cuddles, and "un"dresses her dolls. 
 She loves Taz...and other dogs, once she gets used to them.
She'll even get dressed up to play hockey with her brother.
I call her "Fuzzy-head," "Baby-doll," "Pretty Girl," and "Gabriella Grace."
The last one reserved for when she colors on the wall or insists upon stripping all the crayons making a mess with tiny bits of paper all over the floor.
She's Three...

Crazy times!

Owen taught Gabby this "slow motion" trick.  This isn't the best video, but it is a glimpse at the impression he has on Gabby...especially when he dresses her himself.  I smile...

And then there was the time that Roger chased them around the house and they LOVED it!
When do we stop chasing each other?
I've played this game of tag with my 8th graders.  
Why do we forget how invigorating it is to play?
ok...only some of us forget to play!  :-)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My kids made me laugh twice today...ok, 
maybe more than that, but this was one of those genuine, 
that-was-so-funny-I-don't-want-to-forget-it type moment:
 Gabby stuck out her tummy, rubbed it, and tried telling me that she had a "fat belly," 
and I was trying to affirm that she is beautiful.  
I told her she is perfect and sturdy.  
In response to that she said, "I'm not dirty!"  
I laughed.  :-)  
I tried to clarify that she was strong...
 Later that morning...
Owen & Gabby were in the front entryway putting on boots and jackets, getting ready to go out.  
I see Gabby lifting 2 pound weights over her had, and Owen doing down-dog, up-dog sequences.  
I then overhear Owen say, "I'm doing yoga so I don't get crabby."  
I laughed.  :-)
I guess that is how I have explained it to him when he asks why I need to go do yoga.  :-)

 And they made me just plain smile when they were playing on the playground 
(yes, in December!) and chasing, climbing, sliding, and giggling together. 
 Every once in awhile (sometimes once a day...) 
Owen will tell me he doesn't like "Sister," 
but that's when she is not cooperating or is being a stinker/teaser to her brother.
But I know for a fact he loves her so much.  
He cares so much about protecting her and teaching her. 

 I am so proud and glad I got to witness this love and protection.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sweet "Mommy"

Sorry, but it may appear sideways. I will learn to rotate it someday!  :-)
I just took this video today.  Normally little Gabby is a little gabber, but today she just wanted to cuddle with her baby in the car.  She was kissing and hugging and making sure baby was comfortable.  I had to capture at least a moment of it.
Sweet, sweet girl...

Sunday, December 11, 2011

When Gabby was just three...

I don't know where these came from or if I posted these pictures at some time...
but, as i was looking at past posts, I found this unpublished one...
I know it was December and just before Gabby's birthday

I know this because...
Gramma and Grampa were there and...

I remember that this is when Owen took a scissors to his own head...
Yes, I took lots of pictures so one day 
he will be as embarrassed as I should have been...
It is what it I wasn't!

Winter Fun

I suppose I could go back and see if I ever posted about Sal.
Yes, Owen named his salamander, Sal.
Yes, he named his stuffed bear, Bear-B.

Sal is hanging in there.  He is quite low maintenance.  I've actually grown to like the little guy.
At least he has legs and can't get out of his cage.  He eats a few times a week and we don't have to take him for walks.  We don't have to shovel his manure or pick up poop in a baggy.  He is satisfied with worms and doesn't mind keeping to himself.  I have read that they can live up to 15 years though...will he make it that long?  :-)

I let Owen get his own library card!  Well, he can write his name and loves going to the library.  He goes with school and is learning about "borrowing" and not buying.  Yes, it was tough teaching that the books and movies have to go back to the library, but he gets it now.  I don't let that card out of my sight, however, because i don't want somebody racking up a line of credit for me at the library!

I'm amazed that a place that has had mounds and piles and yards of snow piled up the last few winters by this time is brown!  It was even "warm" enough to not put on a jacket (Gabby's choice and I said oh well) for the walk from the car to the oil change office. 
So, we have to find winter activities without snow...
We have a great indoor maze that has just been re-built.  Brand new and lots of nooks and crannies to explore.  Of course we went there when it was very busy so it was no problem for Owen to find a friend.  I am so glad he makes friends easily!

He did stop long enough to smile...

Yes, shorts...
And he managed to convince me to climb all the way to the top and go down the twirly slide...ugh...adults are not meant to go around in circles like that!
Owen can be quite convincing, as I have suggested.
He even convinces Gabby to "paint" her face.
At least he went easy on her!
I am just thankful that it was washable Crayola markers and not permanent!
Where was I, you ask?
I was out.  I came  home and this was the activity that Rog had them preoccupied with.
Yes, we are there:  if it makes them happy, why not?
Don't judge-we do have boundaries and we don't endanger their safety.
:-)  But we sure have fun!
Other winter fun included a visit to friends who just had their first little guy.
He really is cute, but I couldn't get too close of a look because Gabby cried and screamed until I "put the baby away."  
So, when she went to hide in the bathroom, I got a quick squeeze and snapped a photo with Owen ( who was not interested at all in the baby!).
Gabby had not worries about Daddy holding Little Tyler.

Yet another winter activity that is done and passed was Owen's floor hockey.
I don't know if he will be a hockey player but he loves making friends, having competitions, and trying new things.  He has a way of finding someone who intrigues him (usually quite different) and tries to engage them. 
"Junior" was his "friend" at floor hockey--too cute.
Gabby was able to find something to entertain herself with and others too.
Little poser!
There was one game that they had owen play. It's called "What Time is it Mr. Fox?"
The kids are supposed to dribble the number of times for the time that Mr. Fox says it is.
10 o'clock is 10 touches on the puck.
Well, Mr. Owen knows the game so his 10 touches were the tiniest, little touches so he was never far away from the line when Mr. Fox said, "Lunch Time!"
"Lunch Time" is when Mr. Fox runs after the kids and tries to tag them before they get back to the line.
Get it?  He nearly won every time.
No, Roger did not teach him that trick.  He figured it out!
The last day parents got to "play."
These things seem like such a big deal when you're little, hey?
The gym probably felt like a huge arena to the kids as well, hey?
Many more stories of winter to tell, but that will have to wait...
Very busy, but good time of year!  ;-)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

More Fall Fun...and thoughts about love...

 What's made me happy this time of year?
I feel like I am finally growing up...
I mean, I feel I have a handle on what comes my way more than ever.
Will I be saying this until I am 88 (Gramma Mimi?)? 99?
I know.  I just said something that will lead to the rug being ripped out from under me.

I have never understood so well that I am not in control.
The more I try to control, the more unhappy I am.
I love my job, but I invest in my own family.
I realize that just because my kids are not babies anymore, they still "need" me...
more than ever but in very different and marvelous ways.
What a learning curve! 
I know I can't make my kids or my husband be someone different than they are.
I don't have to like everything they do or how they act,
but I'm not perfect either. 
I can't make Owen love his sister, but I can show him what love is and how to love...I hope.
I've been reading stories and comics all my life about kids fighting.
I grew up in a family of four girls...who, yes, did some fighting too.
But I still do not get it:  why do these two fight so often?
About such little, stupid things?????
"She got more raisins than me!"
"No I don't"
"Yes you do"
and on and on and on...
When I can get them focused...and give them attention...
They are so sweet and loving and cute and nice and wonderful...
Here is my tribute to parents who have run the "marathon"...and then ran another...
and another...and are still being the best parents they can be...years later.

I think it's part of the curse from the Garden of Eden:
God said we'd suffer childbirth, but it was the rest that really shows His sense of humor.
Because of the fall, we are all born with sin nature.
Why oh why do we burn with desire to have children...
children of this human race?  born with sin nature????
all that selfishness, deceitfulness, greediness, and pride in one little body...
that grows into...

Maybe it's not really a "sense of humor"
as much as it is an amazing plan that He devised.
In order to have complete, satisfying, whole, forgiving, and merciful love...
I need Jesus.
Without Him, my own hardness would not allow me to love my family...
or anyone as I do am able.
"Amazing love, how can it be?  That thou my God shouldst die for me?"
So Thankful I am this Thanksgiving season...