Tuesday, July 31, 2007

THE FAMILY REUNION! Place: Woodland Wonderland Court Time: Friday, Saturday, Sunday Who: Many DesRochers blood and the ones that love them! :-)
Whew! What a party we had! The DesRochers name comes from Gramma Mama's Dad's lineage and we got to meet some more of the "branches" this past weekend. Grampa Poppy (Gramma Mama's Dad) had two sisters and they were both there...but so were their children and children's children. Therefore, calling it the "DesRochers Round Up" was appropriate! Owen was not the youngest, but there were 7 children under the age of 4 there!
We arrived on Thursday night and Owen was a champ in the car! He only fussed when we were stuck in afternoon traffic leaving the cities. Friday afternoon our DesRochers cousins came from Canada and Colorado, and Kaisers & Austins came from Illinois. Saturday morning our Bremmer cousins came from Kansas, Iowa, and Wisconsin, and in the afternoon the rest of the clan came from many other places...nearly 60 people under this tent for Famous Dave's catered chicken, ribs, salad, and muffins. Not to mention, TWO birthday cakes! Saturday we also celebrated Auntie Emmy and Cousin Karina's birthdays!
When we were quite a bit smaller, we all fit on the railing behind my parents house. Their house has changed quite a bit, and we had to move to the pool railing in order to line it up. Since the last photo opp, three were added and two others are missing from this photo. Following this photo, nearly all of us ended up IN the pool...thanks Lori for starting that off by pushing Mary Beth in!
For most of Saturday there was a "babysitter" on hand to watch and play with little ones while the parents of the little ones enjoyed time with adult conversation or taking naps themselves. The kids had a blast! The sand box was just as much of a hit as the sidewalk chalk! However, water from the pool made its way to the sandbox and sand from the sandbox made it's way into the pool...hmmmm, how did that happen? :-)
Owen loved playing with his 2nd cousins, but he was most enthralled with the babies!

The "babies," though, are only 6 months younger than he.

Here are all the 2nd cousins-four of them are Karina's and two are Daniel's. The youngest is Ella-just shy of 3 weeks, and Reiley is the oldest-he was three in March.

Owen was very content during the "cousin picture." Probably had something to do with the cracker he's sucking on...

"What cake, Mom? Grampa didn't give me cake...okay, maybe a little!" :-)

Owen did okay by the pool. He was happy just lookin' around...
wathching daddy play a game of keep-away on Sunday morning...

I don't think things got too competative...
Owen was just happy to be "hangin' out" with everyone! :-)Sisters...together again...and each got their time with little O...

swingin' with Auntie Emmy...
Eating cheerios with Auntie Julie...
and loungin' with Auntie Lori!
All in all a great weekend! Many memories were shared and made this weekend...will it happen again? Maybe...If anyone is lucky enough to have these reunions, hold to that blessing.
One last note...DesRochers is French--pronounced De-row-shey. A beautiful name...

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Yes, Owen is in a basket. I left Roger and Owen playing and this is what I saw upon my return. I laughed cuz Owen was so happy and the two of them were just talking away...well, talking as best the two of them can. :-) The other day I heard this all out belly laughing coming from the top of the stairs. Owen was screeching and laughing harder than I have ever heard. Roger found a new game that they can play: Roger rolls the ball to Owen and when Owen has it, Roger says "PASS!" (in a silly way that I can't spell or describe) and Owen laughs so hard until the ball falls out of his hands. I did capture that on video...one of these days I need to figure out if there is a way to put video on here...anyone know how? Let me know! :-)

Monday, July 23, 2007

This morning we watched the recycling truck drive in, empty cans, back up, turn around, and come back down the other side of the street. Owen was very interested! :-) We have such good times together. He is not cuddling quite so much, but when I get the chance, I hold on tight. He wiggles and wobbles, walks and talks the best he can. He rolls around laughing and having a good 'ol time. He started making a new sound...a kind of song-like sound like he's trying out his range. Up and down he makes the notes go...not the best singing yet, but perhaps he is trying to be like his daddy by singing.

I'm already sad about going back to work...I know I love my job because I would miss it if I did not have it to go back to. I am excited about my year, my new team, my schedule, but I keep thinking about all the times we share now during the day that I will miss terribly when I am away from him for 8 hours. Almost half of that will be nap time and another hour will be eating, but there is so much to share just in those times alone. Oh, Owen...what to do?
We are super excited about the family reunion!!!!!! We get to see everyone (almost) and play really hard! The only thing I do not look forward to is a 5 1/2 hour drive...Owen doesn't do well for 1/2 hour...we'll see if we can't keep him busy or asleep! :-)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Sorry about the lag in updates...here are some fun things we've done this week so far!
Owen gets off his little trike...after he gets a little help getting ON his little trike!

Here we are at Dad's tennis tournament last Saturday...Owen was having fun pushing his own stroller around in the grass and throwing golf balls under the bleachers...and...

eating raisins! :-)

Here Owen takes a drink of the water bottle...

then offers TT Emmy a sip too! What a good boy...already sharing! :-)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Owen and I ran to Toys R Us yesterday. Owen got a birthday balloon, even though his birthday was a month ago already! We had a gift certificate and so...

We got a new shirt...
And we Got a New toy to bang on! :-)
And then we went to Panera and had a lunch date! Just me and my little boy in the busy lunch-hour rush. Owen loved all the busy people and I enjoyed my salad! We both went home and crashed...I think I fell asleep before Owen did! :-) I guess I am feeling much better, but energy is a bit on the low side for me still.
On Monday we had a playdate with Cullen and Monica again! We had some lunch and then played so nicely with toys. Here we are having some adventures around the house...

Cullen and Owen playing nice with shapes...

Cullen and Owen jumping on the bed...

Owen and Cullen climbing the stairs! So, Owen may be walking (or teetering, as I call it) around, but Cullen has more teeth and is eating meat! :-) We are amazed at how close they are in size and in all they do. They both have quite the smiles and quite the giggles. How fun!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

I was wrong...my fever spiked again and I spent a few hours in the ER this weekend. They found a slight kidney infection and sent me home with antibiotics. It's hard not feeling well and I cried because I had little to give Owen this weekend. I'm finally feeling better tonight and I'm hoping tomorrow will be even better. Owen makes my day-even if he hit me with his plastic phone and gave me a sore eye. He's teetering around like crazy and I smile just watching him try his legs out!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

On Tuesday I lost count of how many times Owen headed for and climbed the stairs. I think by the time Roger came home from work it was 14 times...then Roger took over patrol and Owen made it up several more times! That night I came down with a fever and went to bed not feeling well. Wednesday morning I woke up sore and cold. I started shivering and the shivers turned into convulsive shakes. I was scared because I could not get warm. Around 6, after 45 minutes of trying to warm up, I woke Roger up and told him something was wrong. This was the first time I coudn't even get out of bed to take my temperature. Roger had to get the thermometer. My temp was almost 103 and my body hurt. Roger had the day off, and he spent it taking care of me and entertaining Owen. Needless to say, the 4th of July was not one to remember for me this year!
It was a day to remember for my friend sara, though. I missed her wedding because of my illness! Around 3 o'clock, I lay there thinking of her on her day. My temperature was finally subsiding , but it was too late. My fever is gone today, but my body and head are a bit sore.

I'm glad I can take care of Owen today and I pray he doesn't ever feel the way I felt yesterday. Owen has taken steps on his own for almost a month now, but this morning was the first time he stood up and walked to a destination! He's officially walking, but he still prefers crawling...I think. He's napping now. :-) I'll see when he wakes up!

Last Sunday we had the pleasure of having our 4th of July party early, celebrating at Roger's boss's house in Prior Lake. Very nice home with a beautiful pool and backyard patio. We ate, played, splashed, conversed, and Owen napped, of course! :-) Roger got to play a par 3 course with the guys from the office while we ladies warmed up the pool and set out the food. You'd think they'd do a par 3 a little quicker than than managed that day! I guess they were busy having competions out on the course, like farthest drive, closest to the pin, etc...They are salesmen-competition, competition. Tell Roger there is a prize and he'll win...almost every time. :-)

Owen and I had a good time. He has been so giggly lately! This day he thought it much fun to pass a stick back and forth because I took it away. Then he put out his hand; I gave it to him. Then he handed it back to me; and he giggled! His laugh is more like a chuckle. And then, when he really gets going, he throws his head back and opens his mouth. He may be so much like Roger, but I guess he got the Larsen laugh! :-) We were all so tuckered out, Owen was in bed by 7:30 and I was asleep by 8. Ahhh...10 hours!