Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Ocean wonders...Owen had a little time to kick and play on his new play mat today. He doesn't like to be alone for too long, but gazing about the room and up at dangling things are quite the amazing wonder when the world is brand new to you. Amazingly enough I did manage to get two loads of laundry done, the dishes washed and put away, clean out my closet, give Owen a bath, take a nap, take a walk, and prepare dinner in between Owen's manic cries, demanding feeding times, his poopy diapers, and a few very quiet nap times. Whew! I think I'll take another nap!

Last night we were invited over to Granny Nanny's and Grampa Steve's for pizza. Grampa Steve had an itch to see Owen, but Granny Nanny made sure she got her fix too. They were sad to see us leave (even sadder to see Owen leave) and offered, once again, to babysit WHENEVER. Owen managed to sleep most of the time, but did wake up to have a little "discussion" with Grampa Steve. Little "O" is sure growing fast--he's hard to keep up with. His cries are getting stronger, and so are his legs and arms. He may be roling and crawling before we know it!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Kissy faces! While Auntie Emmy was over for lunch today, Owen needed a changing...Auntie Emmy did not hesitate to remedy the situation. And true to form...Owen went off like a fountain. MB is getting quicker on the draw though and caught it mid-stream with a washcloth. Owen was so happy afterward, he was making kissy faces with wide-eyes! How can a face like that not make you forget all your troubles????

Two weeks old--we know he is a good eater...
We had a two week check up at the doctor yesterday. Owen is now eight pounds, 5 ounces--and he grew 1 1/2 inches! This little boy,...who keeps me up at night, can't tell me when he's unhappy, and insists on eating 'til he spits up... makes me smile. I believe that is what is truly amazing about a mother's love. I know this cute little boy will grow up to be a 2 year old, a 14 year old, and maybe worse...a 17 year old! But no matter what attitude or argument he gives me, I believe God grants a mother so much love to overcome even the toughest moments. His grace is sufficient!
After the doctor appointment we got gutsy! We stopped at County Market to pick up some coleslaw for dinner and I go this great photo of Owen in the shopping cart...helping with the bags? No so much. :-) And then, Auntie Emmy came over with the "cousins". Sash insisted on sitting right on me to get a good look at Owen...unless she was feeling jealous and wanted attention too.! heehee

Sunday, June 25, 2006

We've gotten know the blessings of such a supportive church family, so it was an exciting adventure to take Owen to service this morning--he has been the much anticipated antendee, and we enjoyed sharing his sweet face with loved ones there. Crossroads opened their arms to us and gave Owen the warmest welcome. Many people wanted to see our little one that God has blessed us with and opened their arms to our family. Most importantly, their prayers and continued support will get us through the best of times and the not-so-good times as well. For they help us remember, We "can do all things through Christ who strengthens [us]." Thank you Crossroads!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Today was a great day! Owen stayed in one outfit the entire day, Dad was home with us, and we had some good awake time! Here is Owen trying desperately to keep both eyes open ...................... ............................................uhhhhhhhhh.............................................

Yeah...down for the count! We are hoping for a good night's sleep after a refreshing (no-crying) bathtime and staying awake through most of the movie we rented...fingers crossed...

Friday, June 23, 2006

Whew! After a long, exhausting, wide-awake night, I needed a nap today! Eating, sleeping, pooping, and puking sure take lots out of a little guy! Yeah, after I puked again this morning, Mom wouldn't put clothes on me. I kinda think it's funny to play these games. I have not slept the same any night or day...I got to keep Mom on her toes...hmmmm, what will tonight bring??? Mom and Dad went out to El Azteca tonight and left me with Granny Nanny and Taz. I wonder if Mom ate something spicy...maybe that will keep me up tonight! :-) We're still working out all these details.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

" Hey MOM! I'm drowning!"
Yeah, so 0-3 months still doesn't fit too well, but he sure is cute! The outfit says it all: "Little Squirt" After we took this picture we decided to take Taz for a walk and see some of the neighbors out for an early morning walk. Three minutes into that walk Owen threw up all over outfit #1 for the day. Oh well-just another excuse to put on another cute little outfit!
So, we changed into a beep-beep, busy blue onsie to go to the store in. When we got back, Owen took a nice little stretch on the couch-"Whew! shopping sure is exhausting!!"

"Baby in bue..." and time with daddy!
Both gramma mama and granny nanny told me I look good in blue...just like my daddy! So, it is a good thing that many of my things are blue! My blue eyes match my daddy's. He was the first to make me sleep and to smile--I know his voice and the beat of his heart. He loves to hold me and misses me so much when he has to go to work. But, he takes every moment he can to hold me and tell me he loves me and to sing to me too. Last time he tried to change my diaper, though, I peed all over myself. I think I scared him off! :-)

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Reger's were eager (nice rhyme!) to meet their newest addition to the family. The first grandson for them too! This little boy joins his cousins Emmi and Cali as Granny Nanny's favorite pastime and Grampa Steve's newest cuddle bug! Kate and Aaron each took a turn to hold and snuggle with little Owen as well. Oh to have such wonderful family--Roger and I are both very blessed and thank God for showering us with his grace each and everyday. Our families are the strength behind us in all we endeavor to do and to become!

Doctor, Doctor...
Owen was first adjusted by a chiropractor in the hospital when he was barely a day old-good thing the doctor was pretty...and "Auntie Emmy"!!! Just a little pressure and a little loving touch and he was all done! Then on day 5 he got a Dr. checkup and weighed in at 7.4 already, was prescribed to be under bililights, and seemed to be otherwise healthy. Then Dr. Mary Beth (Auntie Emmy) and Dr. Sara made a few minor "adjustments" and all was good to go. The bililights are now gone, and pooping, peeing, and sleeping seem to be indication that things are working right. Happy Baby???? I believe so!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Dear Gramma...
It has been a day since you have seen me, Grandma Mama, so we wanted to show you what I look like now and what I've been doing! I sat in my bouncy chair, Taz sniffed me lots today, Mom propped me up for a couple photos, I peed on myself...again, and geez, I slept a lot! Oh, yeah, we went for a walk today again and Taz led the way. He kind of pulls us around the block. We had some family time when Dad got home, and then Stella's came over to see me--I slept the entire time! Mom's pretty tired so she is going to take a nap before bedtime...heehee, I sure do throw her sleep schedule off! But that's okay, right? All for love, hmmmmm!

Firsts & Newness...
Surely I am glad that babies don't remember much...birth canals, uncomfy diaper rash, peeing on themselves....But still, each new experience adds to the next--growth. Recognition brings smiles, comfort brings sleep, new people bring wide-eyed observation. Owen met Grampa Phil over the weekend and was spoiled by the many women in our families. Four generations of life and experiences in one picture!

Life doesn't only grow when it is created, but life should continue to be a growing experience. With life there is constant hope for growth, for without growth, life doesn't seem to have purpose or may not have a future. For nine months (or 10, but who's counting??) life grew inside me. God breathed and granted this little one a future from the womb to come to us so healthy and beautiful-yes, little boys can be called beautiful! Every breath, every move, every expression we watch so closely. The way he holds his hands over his head to sleep and the way he wiggles when he's awake keep us entertained for hours. My sore back and neck (from gazing down at my little wiggly worm) are worth the sight! We love it when we can see his big blue eyes open wide as they search the face of the one who holds him. We are blessed so far to have such a content little bundle and pray for the patience for future fuss sessions. We wonder how long he will have his dark head of hair, since both of his parents were blonde-haired, blue-eyed youngsters. When we wonder who he looks like, we shrug and say 50/50. However, the eyes have to be from Roger and the nose has to be a Rachel contribution. There is no doubt who the long arms came from: Grampa!
Love is an amazing thing--God's grace in our lives is so evident everyday!