Friday, February 06, 2009

Our trip to Colorado began with preparation and lots of hope that things would go smoothly. A few things have changed since we traveled last so we had to be prepared. We got to the airport in time and had to go inside to check our one suitcase (one for 4 people!) and go through security. Picture this: Gabby sleeping in babybjorn, Owen on a "leash," Roger with a backpack, and me with the diaperbag. All went smoothly...except that Owen set off the security when he went through. So we took off belt, backpack, boots, ugh! We were the hold-up that usually makes you rage at "that person." oh well! The plane ride was great...DVD players rock and Gabby slept the whole time after eating on take-off. Owen didn't like the bouncy-bounce (turbulence) so he got didn't help that we were in the bathroom when it all started! I didn't even get my chance to pee! We landed and got bags, car, food, and peeed (sp?). All went great. So in short...Owen got to ride on a plane, train, bus, and "new" car--all in one day! What a trooper! We arrieved and introduced the cousins. Gabby is a little softer, but Elodie is a little louder. Perhaps age has everything to do with both! :-)
I can't get over Elodie's huge eyes and how she smiles so big with them.Julie and Elodie...they are in this position a lot.
Twice the fun!
Our first day we took a walk and Owen wanted to slide down the hill so he sat down at the top of Julie's driveway and tried pushing himself down...not working. We pulled out the sled and he had a great time! And I got a work-out!
It was fun, but the wind was a bit cold...just a good excuse to come in for hot cocoa!Julie called this bounce-wars and Owen oversaw that all was somewhat fair. Elodie keeps winning!
Owen is being such a good big cousin. He plays with and holds Elodie so gently. What fun!

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MaryM said...

Ohhhhhhhh! I want to BE THERE!!!!