Thursday, October 29, 2009

Finding Finding OWEN!
I will not say my child is brilliant (because I know how annoying that can be...), but he pointed something out to me that I have never noticed about nemo. He picked out the Finding Nemo book, turned it upside down to show me what book he picked out, and said, "hey! it's my name: O-W-E-N!" A proud moment for me...
I guess this is the first of many moments when my children will teach me things. I am not saying that Owen has never taught me anything, but he has not intentionally taught me something.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

I took the kids swimming tonight We had a good time, but we lost two of our most important toys...dophin and shark. sorry gramma. We will check lost and found, but I am not too hopeful. I went through the chore of showering/bathing all of us at the club. When we get home, Owen gets playign with his little bugs and decides he wants a bath. Who am I to argue? :-) This picture was not from tonight because Gabby was already in her jammies and ready for bed. I love my weekends...

Just playin' on a Saturday morning...hangin' out...I call this one "cheese & cheeks"
Can you tell why?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I cannot get enough of my sweet little angel. Her wiggly little body, her sweet giggle, her adoration for her big brother, her ambition, her...
I have a flirt on my hands...My little girl was not taught to smile, duck her head, and peek at whomever is trying to catch her eye...just a natural flirt. Papa Steve was across the room...she was making her way...creeping...and had to stop to give him this look. My sweet, sweet little angel...or as Roger, king of pet names, recently started calling her baby bear or sweet bear...I guess he just wants to be called papa bear. :-)
I cannot say I am always listening to everything Owen talks about in his little imaginary worlds but when I do take the time to stop, listen, and appreciate his creative inventions, man am I entertained! The other day he was stripped down to boxer briefs yet remembered his crocs and then announced to me that he was going to work: "I'm going to be a man, mom! I'm going to work because I have to be a man!" Not just once or twice; he even went out into the 55 degree Sunday morning and then came back in to remind me of where he was going with his etch-a-sketch and carrying case. First of all, if we could actually show up at work with just underwear on...hmmm...not a good thought as a middle school teacher. Second of all, if all we had to carry to work was a drawing board and a favorite just might be something to look forward to.

Gabby is trying to put together sounds. When Grautnie Paula was in town a week or so ago, she was putting a lot of effort into getting Gabby to say "mama" "dada" "paula"...all she got from Gabby was PBBbbbbbbb (you know, sticking out her tongue and blowing). Ironically enough that is Paula's initials! yeah Auntie!

Gabby's voice is so sweet, her smile contagious, her sweet demeanor lovable. Her snuggles melt my heart and I cannot get enough of her. She gets busy playing, but finds a way to come back to where I am...just for a hug and a bit of reassurance.

She's gentler than Owen but more outgoing. She's daintier than Owen but never let's him get the last word. She may not have as many toys, but she sees no difference...she'll play with Owen's frogs, lizards, snakes, dinosours, cars and trains!

Not that I would ever want to ignore my children (of course no mother would ever ignore their!) but these two rarely want me to mind my own business...yet. Both, at 3 and 10 months, may want a bit of space and indepenence, but both want me near.
God's love and wisdom and creativity are revealed to me through my children. We can train them up the way they should go, but we cannot change who they are what they choose. Why do we wish we had more control when God is so much better at controlling the situation? We should be glad he's in control! :-)