Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Owen's favorite toy lately has been little trains, but at daycare he will only play with the blue one. He has even called it "owen's." Carrie told me also that when all the kids are running up for lunch, the kids all shout out, "i want to sit by Devon! I want to sit by Alex!" And then there's Owen, yelling, "I want to sit by Owen!" I giggle just to think about that. :-) I don't blame him for wanting to sit by the coolest kid ever! He'll "get it" sooner or later.

We took the plunge and took a two-year-old camping for the weekend! :-) Owen was such a champ...he loves an adventure. He slept alright in the tent except for when he thought he was done sleeping at 3 in the morning ("all done") and when he got a bit cold so he filled his diaper (which overflowed onto me). We were alright though! It was as state park with full amenities (showers!). Saturday was a beautiful day to walk by the lake, stroll through the woods, and throw rocks into the water (a little boy's dream!).

Monday, September 29, 2008

The weekend after Labor Day was quite the celebration for Family!
It was a good thing that Owen got good at saying "cheese!" because...We were smiling lots about Mom and Dad's 40th Anniversary! Whew! I can only guess that love gets better with age...right?? :-) These two look happier and healthier than most who've been married so long. Love must be good for you!
We had so much fun laughing, talking, walking, playing, and...eating!
I think owen put on a pound or two...of just watermelon alone! :-)
We tailgated and went to Owen's first baseball game! Miller Park is the best place to go to your first game: we had great seats, there was a slide for Owen to play on, and clowns making balloon shapes for kiddos.
Proud daddy was just glad to take him...even if it wasn't to a Twins game. :-)
Everyone had a great time...Con even shared his big ,blue cheering hand for Owen to wave about. When is the next party? Owen wants to know because he now knows that when we go to a party...there's going to be CAKE! :-)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The weather of September; one thing is predictable: some cold, some hot. Last week it was sunny enough to wear shades, but cold enough to wear a sweatshirt/vest in the morning. It is cute: the only time Owen wants sunglasses is in the car when the sun shines in the windshield. He may know how "cool" he looks or perhaps he just wants to be like Mommy. Lately it's been tough to imagine loving another child as much as I love Owen and I've talked to mother's who had thought the same thing when their second was on the way. I know I will...love is so abundant when it's from God. His blessings would not come without a way to enjoy them...or at least to fulfill God's amazing purposes. I am so glad that I have so many woderful women in my family that I've been able to watch to grow and learn from.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Yes, he is in motion and yes, I took this on my cell phone so the clarity is not the greatest. However, I just think it is so cute how he can push himself along and steer and turn in a circle and even fall gracefully without crying. I know...helmet? Oh, I barely was able to put the thing together without him jumping on. :-) He has two of these scooters to ride at daycare, but he only wants to ride the red one. I found him a Spiderman scooter, but all he cares is that he has a scooter! What joy it is to see him grow up...
I was looking at baby pictures...even pictures of him a year ago and last spring...he is getting so big! have I held him enough? have I squeezed enough of his "sturdy" little legs? have I nuzzled his round belly enough? have I embraced all I can of him while he is still my little boy? At what age do little boys make you stop kissing them? If there is any consolation...owen has learned how to hug, using arms and everything! He's learned to kiss without an open mouth, but he keeps trying to kiss the kids at daycare. I guess we need to teach him a few boundaries. :-) I just hope I am getting enough of him while he's still so little...I don't want time to stop or even slow down, but I want to love him all I can when I can...any words of hope? encouragement? suggestion?

Monday, September 01, 2008

Our little boy had quite the weekend with two different sets of grammas and grampas and a whole bunch of other family. I'm so blessed to be so close to family, to be supported, to know my little boy is loved and cared for...even when my sweet husband takes me away for the weekend. We had a great time up in Brainard...two rounds of golf, breakfast buffet, chillin' out, relaxin', and enjoying perfect weather. We got home just this morning, but it already feels like a week ago. I start back at school tomorrow so I'll be heading to bed soon. I am excited...ready...only 4 months 'til baby girl arrives. Oh, how life is going to change!