Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Her two month appointment put her at 12.5 lbs...yes, 85th percentile. And, no doubt, her height came in at a mere 37th percentile. I think she is perfectly beautiful and healthy as can be!
Today was warm enough and a pleasant afternoon so we took a walk. It was Owen's urging that got us all outside. He wanted all of us to go together. I think this will be his role for life...thank God for a little boy who asks for what he wants and negotiates for the most he can ask for.

Gabby was even bundled up so well...she fell right to sleep. :-) No surprise there...

In the photo below Owen was lining up his trucks so I had to take a picture. I said, "say 'hi' Owen," and he said, "hi, Owen!" Too funny...not even prompted. Kind of like the other day when, out of nowhere, he told me he was "ready for kindergarten." No kidding!

Owen's sticker on his shirt is his name-tag from toddler storytime at the local library. He paid attention alright, but was more interested in the other kids and the toys so I don't think he's really ready for kindergarten...soon enough though!

Best Friend Jenn and her hubby Mark came over the other night to be initiated into what it is like having kids. No, they are not quite ready, but they are thinking about it! :-) yippeee! So, Mark showed his stuff and Jenn beamed with delight. We'll let them babysit a few times and then they can make some decisions...right Jenn???

Our friends Julie and Mike are due in May and this was not a posed picture...Owen was merely sitting there with Julie (whom he loves) and it was not hard to notice the matching bellies. :-)

What a poser! You should see the other shots! He made whatever face we told him to make...modeling? We're all for it! Any takers out there?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

We were invited to visit nana and Grampa Reger so we went and visited for a few hours. Gabby and Logan were reunnited once again and Kaitlyn is now the bigger cousin...
Owen's pained look is actually a smile...I guess we have to practice that one some more.
These two...Gabby has now acquired the nick-name "butterball" from Rog and me...hopefully it won't stick and she'll grow to have a solid self-esteem. :-)

Owen occupied himself alright, but wanted to play. However, no one else was as excited to play with the drums.

One last post about Colorado...Here our little man is between two carseats. He sure kept a close eye on the little girls. Gabby and Elodie have matching "snow" suits, compliments of Gramma Momma! They really did like them, but Gabby was put into hers a few minutes before Elodie...hence the "impatient" look on her face. :-)
After quite a few meltdowns due to little or no nap for three days...Owen was a good little trooper through the Denver airport: strange rental car, buses, trains, moving sidewalks and stairways, and then on to waiting for the plane. He took care of Gabby, went potty, played nice, and had his snack...then when it was time to get on the plane...another meltdown. I was "one of those parents" with a newborn and a two year old screaming. Oh well. We made it on the plane and he was an angel the whole flight...For a whole week ( ore more) after we arrived home from that trip, Owen took three-hour naps just to catch up. He is doing much better and just told me today that he wanted to go back to Colorado...someday, buddy, someday! :-)

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Saturday and Sunday started early for Owen...he was still on some other clock and wanted to get up at 4:15a.m. (CO time), but we somehow convinced him to stay in bed until 5:00a.m. and then Roger was on duty to get up and play.

Gabriella slept quite well and slept a bit longer than Owen (minus the two times getting up)...the girls found some matching outfits (the hoodies added later) and were up for a few photogs. Not that they have any say in the matter!

We spent almost the entire day at A-Basin, taking turns skiing, hangin' out with the kids, chasin' birds (oh, wait. that was just owen), gettin' some sun, and havin' fun with each other.

Owen was lucky enough to spend some time with Julie and Todd on skiis on the "big mountain". He had so much fun; he giggled, said, "yippeee," and wanted to do it over and over again.

The chairlift was so much fun...he didn't want to get off. On Sunday, Todd taught him how to get the snow off his skiis by hitting them together. He's learning so much!

Gabby and Elodie were champs during the day...taking turns napping, eating, playing...overall, just being great girls. They will be friends...right? :-)

Roger was trying to make Gabby smile for the picture above...she just stared at him...and stared...the same look. She doesn't seem to be amused by the camera yet. If you're curious, we do see other expressions othr than this, but no on film...yet.

Owen's been chewing gum like crazy...even at 6:30 in the morning. Roger took this Sunday morning...I believe Owen was able to sleep until 5:30 a.m. Roger was on duty again (we made a deal that I would not wake him in the middle of the night if he would get up with Owen in the morning. Good deal??)

Quality time with everybody...

Pink and brown...Gramma Momma bought these fleece footy onsies so they could be "twinnies." We played dress-up, once again and played with the camera some more. They were happy to oblige...for awhile. :-) Thanks Gramma Momma!

Owe was so tired today. He's been a champ for two days without much of a schedule. We got to do some cuddle-time on the couch...Gabby joined us for a picture...
What a blessing to be here with my little family!

Friday, February 06, 2009

Our trip to Colorado began with preparation and lots of hope that things would go smoothly. A few things have changed since we traveled last so we had to be prepared. We got to the airport in time and had to go inside to check our one suitcase (one for 4 people!) and go through security. Picture this: Gabby sleeping in babybjorn, Owen on a "leash," Roger with a backpack, and me with the diaperbag. All went smoothly...except that Owen set off the security when he went through. So we took off belt, backpack, boots, ugh! We were the hold-up that usually makes you rage at "that person." oh well! The plane ride was great...DVD players rock and Gabby slept the whole time after eating on take-off. Owen didn't like the bouncy-bounce (turbulence) so he got scared...it didn't help that we were in the bathroom when it all started! I didn't even get my chance to pee! We landed and got bags, car, food, and peeed (sp?). All went great. So in short...Owen got to ride on a plane, train, bus, and "new" car--all in one day! What a trooper! We arrieved and introduced the cousins. Gabby is a little softer, but Elodie is a little louder. Perhaps age has everything to do with both! :-)
I can't get over Elodie's huge eyes and how she smiles so big with them.Julie and Elodie...they are in this position a lot.
Twice the fun!
Our first day we took a walk and Owen wanted to slide down the hill so he sat down at the top of Julie's driveway and tried pushing himself down...not working. We pulled out the sled and he had a great time! And I got a work-out!
It was fun, but the wind was a bit cold...just a good excuse to come in for hot cocoa!Julie called this bounce-wars and Owen oversaw that all was somewhat fair. Elodie keeps winning!
Owen is being such a good big cousin. He plays with and holds Elodie so gently. What fun!

In the stress of preparing for our trip to Colorado, we took some time to just "hang out." :-) I sat Gabby in the recliner and Owen just couldn't resist jumping up, rocking it, and cozy-ing up next to his little sister...She didn't mind. She kind of liked the big chair. :-) My children are not tall, but they are compact...full of goodness, laughter, and love! No pickin' on the tummies! We love every inch!
Owen wanted Gabby to jump on the trampline with him...she didn't do so well on the jumping part, but she let her brother hold her for a moment. She even rolled around on her belly with him...no photo of that one.

When Gabby took nap, Owen tried out his new headphones...
We needed to be ready for the plane ride! Two hours...gotta love technology!

Monday, February 02, 2009

My angel...she truly is precious and beautiful. It's so easy to see what everyone around me is "accomplishing" or dreaming to accomplish and ask, "what is my purpose in life?" Sometimes it is easy to doubt your purpose in life when all you do is chase, tackle, feed, clean, and train a two-year-old; feed, burp, and change a newborn; and try to keep up the laundry, dishes, and dirty floors (and then some...), but...as I've said before, being a mother is a calling. I do want to do so much with all the stages of my life. I look back and don't think I took advantage of each stage...I always was looking for what was next in my life. Perhaps it is time for me to slow down and peer at the present; indulge and love this time in my life. And...maybe I can get creative and take advantage of where I am...
Look at this face? I absolutely cannot get too busy looking ahead to miss a look like this. :-) My camera may not always be ready (like it was with Owen), but I will remember...
For now I need to stop...breathe...be ready for anything!