Monday, April 20, 2015

Liam with friends

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A few more...

((Post was started a LONG time ago...need to update!))

Life here may look a little different,
and parts have been a bit tough to get used to
(Spanish moss?...yesterday I actually admired it!)
 but we are getting used to it...

Football here is intense!!!
We even walked the field with Owen on "homecoming" weekend
and he has to be at games 2 hours before.
The sun at these games is INTENSE, and people set up the bleachers!

For the month before we left, Liam screamed in the car...always.
Now? the "view" is a bit different...
Liam is my little buddy--
He even hangs out on the couch watching me
when I vacuum or fold laundry.
Sometimes he "helps"...we try to prevent that!

And each night Gabby asks what day is it going to be in the morning...
and each day she looks forward to riding the bus.
I laughed when I noticed her back pack is bigger than she.
Liam...he is a nut, a ham, a silly boy
and yet, he "studies"...

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