Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A few happy moments...

A few BLESS-ED times
Gabby has said, "I want to help do the dishes."
"I want to help you cook."
"I will clean up."
I caught her in the act here...
She "washed" the dishes by rinsing them in cold water.
Good times.
Liam and I hung out before Gabby's performance
at the second service church last Sunday.
When I got up to go take a picture of Gabby,
Liam made so much noise, Roger had to
take him out of the sanctuary.
Momma's boy!
We made Owen watch his sister perform as well.
He questioned it...
but he enjoyed it!  :-)
He may try to say things that don't sound like a nice brother...
but I know better.
He is the bestest Big brother!!
So, it was time for the kids to get their own rooms...
So, Roger found a Groupon for a hotel stay...
and so he took the kids for a weekend at the beginning of November.
I was able to move bunkbeds 
(with help from wonderful Catie and Argyle), 
set up a new bed for Gabby,
and move all toys and STUFF to their separate spaces!
I'll have to post pictures of the new rooms!
And now they are not allowed to take over 
the rest of the house with their STUFF!
Silly kids!
"Dad's the best!"


My little performer...melt my heart!

I have a feeling she will be taking the stage many more times!
I can't wait until next time!