Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The first picture in my previous entry...I'm surprised Aunt Karen hasn't commented on lately...I say Owen is silly because it takes quite a bit of silliness to smile like that while wearing a diaper on your head! Ever try it? :-) Owen is having so much fun walking and Momma is having a blast letting him, he gets to go down and up the stairs and in and out of the front door upon leaving and coming. He sometimes heads in the direction of the park rather than the car or he sits down on the door frame, but eventually we get to where we are headed!
Tonight we went to visit Auntie Emmy at her reception at Abeler Chiropractic Clinic. She has taken a job with Standard Process in Wisconsin, so she will be leaving us. :-( Owen is just getting to where he smiles and goes to her when he sees her and cries when she leaves. He loves his Auntie Emmy...he even says "emmi" when I tell him "we're going to see Auntie Emmy!"

I am losing a friend as well. I know we will always be friends, but getting together for coffee or a pathetic round of golf (which has gotten better over this summer!) will be a bit tougher and will have to be planned well in advance. I am happy for her and can't wait to see her little cottage in the woods, but I am sad to see her is little punkin' pants!

Thanks gramma momma for the camera...we are figuring it out, but we forgot to take it tonight to see Auntie emmy. My camera is sitting in "receiving" in Best Buy (or something like that!) and so I can't get it back yet. I still have no idea if it will be fixed or if the damage is "covered". Ugh!


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Seeker said...

OK.... so, it took great restraint not to comment on Owen's headgear in the last post... too cute, though.
These latest pix are excellent.

Auntie Emmy said...

I miss you too! And thinking of "my" little punkin pants brings tears to my eyes. Please squeeze him for me! xoxoxox