Tuesday, August 07, 2007


In Big Bend, Wisconsin...uh...yep, Big Bend! :-)
Owen stayed home with gramma and grampa while Roger and I painted the town with some old high school friends. Not everyone was there, but those who were gave me new memories to hold. Here are just a few of the good times we had.

Amanda ("Hugginkiss") and her husband Joel with Roger and me...Their anniversary is one week after ours in December!
Dear, Dear Friends of mine: Nate and Becky...she refused to take a serious picture! :-) But Nate is all smiles...as always!
My 8th grade boyfriend and my junior year prom date...we've all changed...haven't we? It was good to reminisce!
Just me and some of the guys...
Here's DONNA!
Two were glowing and within weeks of their due date! Linnea's first and Anne's third (she has 5-year-old twin girls!)Curt Anderson is actually living here in Minneapolis with his wife!
Angela Caracci (and a new last name) lives a bit closer to home with her husband...awwww!
Old friends reunite!

Memories shared with Ian and Tom (and his girlfriend)...Whew! Time flies!

Connie lives with her new husband in Waukesha and survives with Leukemia each day. She seems to be doing alright one year into both the marriange and Leukemia, but the road ahead is long. She is loved and has tons of support-Pete is a wonderful guy! I wish her the best!

Thanks gramma and grampa for loving Owen, taking him for walks, playing blocks with him, and putting him to bed when he "said" he was tired. I hope he wasn't too much trouble! :-)


South American Sara said...

great reunion pics!! What a fun time.

South American Sara said...

On second look, I realize YOU took all those group shots, arm stretched in front of you???