Wednesday, August 15, 2007

SURPRISE! Yep, it was as much of a surprise to me as it is to you...I went to Best Buy and their computers were down so they couldn't tell if I had "the plan" to get it fixed, but I also tried to show them the problem and the camera worked just fine! Then Owen and I went to the park and it malfunctioned again! I pushed buttons and put it on another setting so when I tried again an hour later inside, it turned out a bit vintage-looking. :-) I called last night to see if the computers were up again and found out it may take up to ten days to get my camera fixed!!!!...but I have "the plan" so it wouldn't cost anything! :-) I took these pictures because Owen put himself on his little bike for the first time! I turned around and he was just hangin' around! This smiley one was funny: he
was shaking his head laughing! I took it while he was in motion and it snapped right at
the right time.
Last night Roger and I went to dinner and a movie-Bourne Ultimatum! Fantastic Moive!!!-Great Gramma Mimi came over to play. She said he was so good; he just toddled around smiling and amusing himself with his toys. That makes me so happy! She said the only time he whimpered just a little was when he got stuck under one of our stools. She tried telling him that he crawled in there so he should just crawl back out...guess he didn't get it. :-) She helped him out and they were fine the rest of the night.

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MaryM said...

We will bring you a camera to use immediately!