Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I swear I did not put Owen by his books, nor did I make him pick one and start "reading." I was actually around the corner when I heard him "talking" and found him paging through the book. He has figured out right-side-up and turns the pages right to left...the correct way! :-) I'm not saying he is a genius or that he will be a reader, but I love to see him trying and learning new things...

Last weekend at Gramma Momma and Grampa Phil's, Owen was trying out four-wheeling! A friend of the family dropped off a few toys that her kids have outgrown. This little four-wheeler has a battery-powered "engine" and he pushes the button to cruise around! So, we have to work on steering, but he is well on his way to driving...and he's younger than I was! :-)

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