Sunday, September 02, 2007

Our little family took time out for the great MN get-together: STATE FAIR!
We got stuck in traffic, found how difficult it is to maneuver a stroller, and ate some yummy but bad-for-you food. I guess it is a culture thing to feel obligated to go, but I'm fine with leaving Owen home for the next ten years if ever Roger and I get the craving for Sweet Martha Cookies again. :-) There are tons of people you can't help but run into or over, you can't leave the place feeling clean, and, by the time you leave, you can feel every roll of sweaty skin under layers of dust that settled over your entire body as you eat greasy food off a stick. But...we always find a reason to go! :-)
Owen did have fun once we let him out of the stroller and let him run around. He had fun, but we had to keep our eyes on him, so the fair rushed on around us. Owen got quite sweaty and found woodchips (and other interesting things) to play with. Back in the stroller, a few more crackers and milk to keep him happy, and we pushed on (literally!).We were there for a little over an hour...which I hear is the average for parents who tote along a one-year-old. We got our Sweet Martha bucket of cookies, all you can drink milk for a $1, fried cheese curds, and "fresh-squeezed" lemonade. Nothing on a stick this year!
I attempted to find the education building, but we took a wrong turn and got lost in the throngs of people. We tried to walk through the Miracle of Birth building, but people insisted on standing in our way. We "wiped" owen down and put his jammies on while in the parking lot, and it's a good thing because he was sound asleep soon after we left. My little sweetness...A shower and bed felt oh so good that night! :-)

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