Wednesday, December 20, 2006

You'd think Owen would be a bigger help...maybe next year. As you can see he can sit on his own really well, but when there is wrapping paper or boxes to roll around with, he's all over it! :-) I have had quite a few giggles watching him and playing with him, my little boy. He makes me smile every day! I had to put this picture of him and his pacifier here...he just started taking a pacifier before bedtime. I think he's teething (he should be by now!), so he has quite the oral fixation going on. He grabs me by the hair and pulls my face towards him like he's coming in for a big sloppy kiss. He just wants something to suck on...hence, the pacifier. :-) I can't put words to what he tries to do!


MaryM said...

He is a beautiful boy. Someday he will be his Momma's little helper, too! Can't wait for one of those "kisses"!

Seeker said...

Love that "bico"!