Tuesday, December 12, 2006

It's exhausting turning 6 months! Whew! Owen has realized he is spoiled...he knows exactly how to get what he wants. :-) I have had a preview of the temper tantrums to come: his newest thing is kicking his legs and "jumping" while you are holding him or when he is lying on his back. He sticks his butt out and pumps his legs just like he is jumping. Last night he was happy in "johnny jump up." Go figure. But then this afternoon...he did not want to be there...I figured out he was a bit hungry. He is also sleeping better. Or, I am just not waking up as much. The last two or three nights I have gotten up once for him total...that's two out of three full nights for me! Well, I am saying 7 hours is "full," but of course 8 or 9 would be ideal! :-)

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